Fly Fu Review – Flies Don’t Fly This High


Fly Fu, Invictus Games’ newest offering, is one of the better minis available. Using the “Dead Fly Art” combined with doodle art, this game seems to be more of an interactive comic book on steroids rather than a mini. The game follows the strife of McFly (a fly) to save his girlfriend Kate Moth (for the lack of a better description, a moth) from a mysterious gang led by an equally mysterious spideress.

This 2D side-scrolling adventure features several real insects being animated. Ragdoll physics is also implemented in this game. The controls are easy but slippery. Pressing O will unleash McFly’s long attacks and X is for the short attacks. You can string several combination for you to destroy your enemies however it won’t take long before you can exhaust everything. To make things interesting, you can pick up weapons (by pressing the Triangle button) along the way as you bash, decapitate and/or obliterate your opponents.


Enemies do have large pools of health points; however, you are also armed with a “berzerk” mode that can be triggered by pressing Square. During berzerk mode, McFly will transform into an overpowered boxer that can inflict one-hit KO attacks at the enemies. There is a refilling bar for this mode, though, so you can’t really spam it away. And you can easily toggle this mode on and off.

There are five episodes for both the Story Mode and Survival Mode. In the Story Mode, you can fight a boss at the end of each level. But before you can approach the boss, you have to fight A LOT of creeps. The game will force you to change tactics along the way as enemies vary from episode to episode. Honestly, it’s just button-mashing while managing your berzerk mode bar. You aren’t allowed to use the berzerk mode during boss battles and you have to figure out how to destroy those oversized insects. The game also assists you by giving health kits from the debris of your enemies every now and then. This makes the game so easy. I didn’t even feel any pressure on keeping my three lives for the bosses. The Survival Mode is your typical survival mode of where you must defeat as many enemies as you can until McFly dies. No innovations whatsoever.


The game itself is easy and will pose no challenge at all. The game art is indeed the real deal of this game. It’s sharp, well-rendered and amazingly drawn. Add the Oriental-like music to serve as the atmosphere, now you got a very organic (literally and figuratively) game. And did I ever mention the twist and twisted ending?


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13 Responses to “Fly Fu Review – Flies Don’t Fly This High”
  1. Christopher D. says:

    Thank you for the review, now Im on my way to the PSN store to buy it ASAP.

  2. pspgamer01 says:

    But tell me when it will come out in Europe so I can make vid about it^^.

  3. Ofaliss says:

    I’m still on the fence about this one, i’m waiting for some Youtube videos or something to convince me. Plus, Young Thor just set a standard im not sure any mini can match at the moment, in my opinion any ways.

  4. Lord_Rushton says:

    The ipod version is cheaper… hmm

  5. onmode-ky says:

    “Honestly, it’s just button-mashing while managing your berzerk mode bar.”
    “This makes the game so easy. I didn’t even feel any pressure on keeping my three lives for the bosses.”
    “No innovations whatsoever.”
    “The game itself is easy and will pose no challenge at all.”

    Jasper, I don’t understand how you can say those things about the game and still rate it a 9 out of 10. Why so generous?

  6. confuletlyf says:

    as omode asks, with nothing strong besides the art, why such a strong score?
    how many levels? are there many different enemies?

    i was looking forward to this review as the art style was intriguing… i still feel as though i’m left in the dark on this one though…

  7. PSPeeper says:

    As with most beat-’em-ups, I’m sure the replay value is limited. Are there any unlockables?

  8. Jasper Nikki says:

    confuletylf and onmode-ky,

    I rate the minis based on their “feel”.

    You can check my Piyotama review, they have similar qualities with Fly Fu and similar issue (the difficulty) so that you can have an idea how I rate games.

  9. volcane says:

    I think this game looks awesome – I will be picking this up when it drops onto the EU PSN :-)

  10. foker says:

    What do you mean it is easy ,.. That redthing boss with mouthclaws killed me,.. lol
    he does this filp backwords,.. and double kick fowards,.. and till my last life, I did not even know he can use his mouth,.. lol

    any protips,

  11. Therulers123456 says:

    I just Got this game i am stuck on the same boss fight as foker.

  12. dm says:

    I purchased Fly Fu based on this review and I really feel i need to tell fellow members that this game IS NOT WORTH buying. The success of a beat em up depends largely on the response time and controls. Fly Fu plays like a Flash game you would play on, except it costs money.

    Most of the time you will be just button mashing. The only way i could clear levels is by repeatedly using the drop kick move, walk away, run in and drop kick, repeat. The controls are too unresponsive and dodging does nothing to form any kind of tactic.

    If you are expecting something with great controls like beat em ups River City Ransom, Scott Pilgrim, or Streets of Rage, you will not get that. Fly Fu is nice to look at, has some neat ideas and story, but controls terribly.

  13. Luuk says:

    dudes its only 2.50 go get asap dont wait or consider. what does 2.50 matter to you dudes

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