Fly Fu hitting PSN soon…(this week?)

Fly Fu is the other Mini coming from Invictus Games (maker of 4×4 Jam). It’s entirely different sort of game than 4×4 Jam as you can see by the trailer, a 2D beat ‘em up starring insects and arachnids. Amusingly, it seems to have the same plot as The Flying Hamster, a game that is disgustingly cute, while this is disgustingly disgusting.

The ESRB just rated it, but more definitely is listing a code for it for $3.49, saying the game will be available July 20th in North America.

Also nice to see that is getting codes ahead of time. In the past, there have been delays of up to a month between when a game appeared on PSN and when they had a code for it on For people like me who cash in their coins for credit, this was quite frustrating. Hopefully this will continue into the future.

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8 Responses to “Fly Fu hitting PSN soon…(this week?)”
  1. MasonMk says:

    That looks fun and original, ill keep my eye out for it

  2. Jasper Nikki says:

    Whoa! Can’t wait for this!

  3. PSPeeper says:

    I love me some beat-’em-ups, and this one looks awesome! It’s cool that Amazon got the jump on the release date and price. Hopefully they’re correct.

  4. CactuarKnight says:

    A fighting game involving bugs? DO WANT!!!
    I wonder when it will hit Europe though…

  5. Lord_Rushton says:

    Hmm, that looks awesome :D
    How much content though?
    Regardless… I WANT I WANT I WANT!

  6. igotmy9milli says:

    Game play looks a little repetitive but I’m loving the art style!

    I also have a phobia of moths, which might put me off this game! :P

  7. pspgamer01 says:

    hmmm this game looks pretty weird. If it will hit Europe for 2.99 EUR. I will not buy it anyways.

  8. rekof says:

    omg,.. did not even know you can pickup stuff,.. lol,.. That is why I had problems,.. there is a red bug boss,.. is where is I am at the moment,.. Almost got him,.. but then I lost because he has this claw attack with his pinchers,.. did not even know til the last life,..

    actually the mini is quite fun,.. first I thought it was a total joke,..

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