Piyotama: Putting All the Good Eggs in One Basket


JapanStudio finally ports Piyotama to the PSP. Piyotama was released nearly three years ago as a PS3 downloadable. For those people who don’t own a PS3, rejoice!

Piyotama’s graphics are sharp and very cute. The controls are smooth and the music is enchanting. Piyotama follows a story of an odd-looking bird known as Piyomama which got very excited (sexcited is the more fitting word) and (got) laid too many (times) eggs. Your mission is to help her hatch her eggs before they overflow out of the nest.

The game mechanics is a mixture of several puzzle games like Bejeweled, Tetris and other match 3 games. The Demo Mode provided by the game (as well as the software manual) is more than enough to teach you on how to play the game. Basically you must line up (in a straight line) four eggs of the same color using a bar. You can move the bar up and down using the directional buttons. You manipulate the rows by nudging the rows left and right. By nudging the bar, the three eggs in the leftmost or rightmost areas will protrude out of the nest and you can shuffle them up with the X and O buttons. You can pop back the eggs to any row as you please.


Piyotama has a special game mechanic that greatly differs from other match 3 games. Once you complete strings the eggs won’t automatically disappear. Instead you’ll have to wait for them to hatch in order for you to score. You can score combos using the already linked eggs as long as you string them up to the eggs that are not linked yet.

There are also special eggs like eggs that make rows immovable. Still, this hurdle will not make the game difficult.  Though the Piyo Coop mode is a timed game, you’ll find yourself not rushing against time but racing against the high score you’ve already set. The other mode, Free-Range, feels like Tetris since eggs fall from above and you must find a way to stop the nest from filling up.


Piyotama is a pretty and relaxing game. It won’t give you any sort of high-arcing challenge but you won’t find yourself regretting the purchase. It is a feel good mini because of its overall experience. Every time you level up the well-made background art changes and it does not feel old even if it is looping. The chirps of the piyos also provide enthralling atmosphere. If you are a PSP owner, grab this one immediately. Highly recommended.


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11 Responses to “Piyotama: Putting All the Good Eggs in One Basket”
  1. CactuarKnight says:

    I loved the original on my PS3 and always wanted to play it on my PSP. Now I can.

    Excellent review Jasper – though I think the sexual innuendo was a little much.
    I think Japan Studios should try porting over more of their titles for the PSP, or for the Minis Program. :)

  2. Jasper Nikki says:


    Sorry for that.

    It would be better for JapanStudios to develop minis version of Patapon and LocoRoco. That would be nice.

  3. Djax says:

    There is no reason why to remake Patapon or Locoroco as a minis. You can buy it as a full game for a very good price.

  4. Jasper Nikki says:


    I was actually thinking of Patapon and LocoRoco derivatives in minis not remakes.

  5. Rockgamer says:

    Even though it’s only $3 on the PS3 I still didn’t feel like it was worth it, and this version sounds like it’s exactly the same. Granted, it’s probably more fitting for a Mini, but there’s definitely no way I could justify buying essentially the same game over again.

  6. thumbbandit says:

    The UK PSN have a free downloadable video of this game. ;)

  7. Jorge says:

    You guys probably don’t know who I am (I’m thinking on joining the forums) and probably nobodys going to read this but, I just have to say this.
    I don’t know about the EU but, in North America, Piyotama is a PSN game, not a mini. I don’t own the game but, while searching the minis section, I did not find Piyotama, so I searched and found that Piyotama was labled a regual PSN game not a mini. I also found add-on extras. I do not know about the EU but, this is what I found.

  8. onmode-ky says:

    Piyotama was released as a Mini in Europe on July 13th, 2010. The game that you found in the North American PS Store with the add-ons, Jorge, are you sure you weren’t looking at the PS3 game?

  9. Jorge says:

    I only have a PSP so I am pretty sure.
    And thanks onmode-ky for responding so fast, I thank you for that.

  10. Jorge says:

    And also, Piyotama has online scoreboard on the North American version.

  11. Ben says:

    Piyotama was given to NA users for free, which is how I got it. But the game no longer had online leaderboards. Maybe the game would gave been better with leaderboards, I do not know. But as it is the game is pointless. There are only two modes. One only lasts two minutes, and is nothing but a vapid score challenge. Without online leaderboards, there is no reason to keep playing it. That just leaves endless mode. I played exactly one full game in endless mode. It lasted about an hour. That is simply too long. And I was bored to tears. I will give the game credit, though, if you want a relaxing game you can play in bursts, then maybe endless mode is good for that. (simply pause the game, enter sleep mode, and resume later) I was honestly moved by how beautiful this game is. I love how the seasons change too. Anyway, funny how the two minis I ever downloaded (Piyotama and Pac-Man CE) were both given a 9 by this site. I may check out some more minis in the future, I just hope they are better than the two I tried. So I’m hoping the scores are wrong, otherwise I’m going to be sorely disappointed with the rest of the minis.

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