Where Is My Heart? On a Mini, of course.


Copenhagen Gaming Collective is working on a game called Where Is My Heart? No, it’s not a dating sim, but a platformer about a family of monsters who have things go very strange while on a hike.

The core mechanic of Where is my Heart? is the Comic Panel Effect. How can this mechanic be described? Imagine a 2D platformer with three monsters. The player can switch between them and work her way through the world to find a way home. Easy enough, right?

Now imagine the game world was cut up into little square pieces. These pieces are shuffled like cards and thrown back onto the screen. Disorienting? That’s the Comic Panel Effect. It’s a challenge to play, because the player has to figure out where the monsters are located.

Where is my Heart? is scheduled to reach alpha in August 2010, with release some time soon after.

They also have a blog with more information.

(Hat tip to Takao, and Joystiq for the original article)

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5 Responses to “Where Is My Heart? On a Mini, of course.”
  1. igotmy9milli says:

    This looks awesome, definitely keeping tabs on this!

  2. Carson says:

    just looking at the screenshot there, this game really shouts out “indie”, so I’m looking forward to it!
    it also shouts out “cactus” :)

  3. volcane says:

    What a fascinating and innovative game mechanic! I can’t wait to give this a try to see how it plays!

    I imagine that it will add tremendous longevity and randomness to the level generation (potentially unlimited numbers of levels, with the world being regenerated which each new game?). However it also has the potential to confuse and frustrate the player.

    Does anything know if this kind of thing has been done before and what the public reception was?

  4. volcane says:

    Sorry (typo), I meant: “Does anyone know if this kind of thing has been done before and what the public reception was?”

  5. JeremyR says:

    The closest thing I can think of is just a game where you played in a comic (Comix Zone for the Genesis). But that’s not even remotely close.

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