Vempire Review – Worth Every Penny

vempire-1The launch of the PSP Minis has seen a large array of games.  Vempire is no exception with Impressionware’s off the wall take on Bejeweled. The game is broken up into ten different worlds which each contain four levels. To make things interesting, you’ve got to break blocks and vials in addition to collecting gold in order to buy minions who you’ll later summon to help you on your quest.

Each world has a different enemy to face, and they all do their best to make sure you don’t break enough blocks in the time limit. The graphics are really good, and there are some awesome effects, like when they spin your screen around to mess you up, or turn all the blocks into question marks! The difficulty ramps up at a nice slow pace and hints will pop up on the screen to get you into the game and the world of Vempire.

vempire-10Music in a puzzle game is pretty important since it’s something you could be hearing for hours. Impressionware did a good job at making music that you don’t really notice as you’re playing, but when you do listen to the simple tunes, they seem like the right fit for the game. The monsters of the empire may make a noise here or there, but nothing too noticeable.

Collecting the gold and getting the artifacts are a big game changer and at times it feels like a Puzzle Quest lite. The shop has game changing effects that you can use gold to buy, which make playing through the levels a lot different and adds to the replay value. Even after beating the game, it just draws me back in to play it more and more.

There’s a time limit for every level in which you need to break enough blocks to move on. My one complaint is that this is indicated by a percentage bar, instead of telling you the actual number of blocks. The way they have it fits with the theme of the game, though it wouldn’t have broken from that too much by simply putting a number on the screen.

vempire-11The game controls are so easy to pick up and play that anyone, from you niece to your grandma, can play it and have a blast. Impressionware takes the ‘match three’ puzzle game design and adds a fourth.  The shoulder buttons and the d-pad will become your best friends as moving four blocks or vials at a time becomes a game in itself. Making sure you can set up multiple breaks in one rotation is a great feeling that the game pulls off really well.

Vempire is one of those games that you turn on to play for five or ten minutes and next thing you know four hours have flown by. Once you get a feel for the game you will want to play through to the end only to play it all over again. A fantastic game and a wonderful twist on the classic puzzle game. Vampires are totally in right now, but even if you’re feeling vampire fatigue, Vempire is worth every penny.

Score: 8.5/10

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11 Responses to “Vempire Review – Worth Every Penny”
  1. Count says:

    YES!!!, Knew this was good game.
    Thanks for reviewing, will definitely 100% buy this!

    Been a Bejewel fan for a long time. Also Puzzle quest and (Galactrix was alright, but too much overriding/hacking, and online is rigged :| )

    But will definitely buy this ^_

  2. Jimi D says:

    Looks like my next PSN purchase for my Go… I loved Puzzle Quest on the PSP and this looks like a nice diversion… thanks for the review!

  3. David Black says:

    Thanks for the review. If this site didn’t exist it would be really hard to find much information on titles like this, which really shouldn’t be the case.

    This sounds like it will be a fun puzzler for my coffee breaks at work.

  4. sublime90 says:

    is this even out yet? i dont see it anywhere i really wanna try this.

  5. joe382 says:

    wow its actually so fun!!

  6. Chris says:

    Sublime, It’s not out in the US yet, but is in Europe and Oceania. We will be announcing when games get released in each region. But our aim is to review the games that come out worldwide so even if they aren’t in your region now, when they do become available you know what the deal is.

  7. sublime90 says:

    cool. cant wait until its available in the US

  8. Count says:

    Hope it comes tomorrow! :|

  9. joe382 says:

    errm, if someone wouldnt mind helping me: what is the difference between a blue block and a yellow block? And what do the test tubes do (the blocks made of test tubes)? Thanks.

  10. Jose Villalobos says:

    Finally a mini that isn’t over-priced, I’m not a very big fan of puzzle quest but I might just pick this one up.

  11. Mark says:

    I just finished this game earlier today. It was really good! Much better than the puzzle quests or bejeweled or anything…

    I wish it were a little longer tho. After you beat the game theres not a lot of reason to play it any more. You can start a new game without any artefacts and earn them all again but thats no good. I think it should have been more like many of those popcap games (like insaniquarium or Plants VS zombies) It would have been cool to have enough stages to collect 50+ artefacts (hell, even if some of em were useless, its always fun to unlock new stuff) and you can just equip your favorite combinations.

    BTW I know I’m spelling artifacts wrong LOL. Thas how they spell it in the game.

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