Hello Flowerz – Relax And Watch It Grow


Whether you love gardening but aren’t fortunate enough to have your own garden or you have always wanted to try a bit of gardening but just seem to kill everything you try to grow Hello Flowerz promises to be the game for all your horticultural urges.

Hello Flowerz is produced by Spanish developer Virtual Toys who you may remember brought us games like the awesome VT Tennis and the just above average Spaceball: Revolution.

Hello Flowerz has a much more relaxed approach to gaming then most video games currently out there, giving the player the opportunity to play the game at his/her own pace. The object of Hello Flowerz is to grow flowers in your green house and the either design and arrange flowers in bouquets to enter into competition or to arrange them beautifully in your garden.


You start off the game with the choice of only two different seeds and a few plants already growing in your green house. To unlock new seeds you have to care for and nurture the plants you already have or that you have planted by watering, fertilizing and spraying with pesticides. Most plants normally take 1–2 days to grow with you only needing to water and fertilizing them once a day. After your plants have grown you have a choice as to either place them into your garden which you can decorate with not only flowers but also ornaments such as gnomes, lights and even a fence round the back of your garden, or you can create your own bouquets for competition or to place in your very own show case containing all your best pieces of work.

When creating your own bouquet you have a range of choices of either handheld bouquets, basket bouquets and vases bouquets all ranging from small, medium or large. You are also able to decorate each bouquet with different decorations from bow, ribbons and cards. Competitions open around about once every three to four days, you are told what sort of bouquet is best to use with what type and colour of flowers are popular. After a few hours the results of the competition come in letting you know where you have positioned in the contest.

The controls for the game are pretty clever with instead of simply just pointing and clicking on the seeds and then clicking on the pot to water it, instead each task you do is has a different way of controlling it for instance when emptying seeds into the pot you have to move your analog stick up and down to shack the package also when watering plants you pull down the analog stick to water tilt the watering can.

Although this game may not appeal to everybody Hello Flowerz can be a fun and relaxing gardening simulation, although with only needing to water your plants once or twice a day and having competitions roughly ever three days you will probably find that you wont be playing Hello Flowerz for any long period of time.

Overall 8/10

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6 Responses to “Hello Flowerz – Relax And Watch It Grow”
  1. volcane says:

    Interesting – does this game proceed in real time then? Are the days/nights synchronised with the real clock?

  2. Dan says:

    @ volcane, yes and no – yes 24 hours in game is the same as outside but unfortunatly the background i.e sky does not change from night to day.

  3. volcane says:

    Ah, cool. That’s an interesting way to link to reality and I can see how it would benefit a slow-paced game like this.

  4. Dawn says:

    Any idea how i can get hold of this? It isn’t on the sony website from what I can see and I don’t know what disk of compilations it is on if it is on one?
    Looks relaxing

  5. onmode-ky says:

    Dawn, Hello Flowerz is available in the UK PlayStation Store at this link. As for the European “Mega Minis” compilations of Minis on UMD, none of the three volumes contain Hello Flowerz.

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