Influence Review – Puzzling

Influence is a very interesting and surprisingly difficult puzzle game that could keep you entertained for hours or frustrated beyond belief. Some of you may already be aware of the fact that influence was in fact released in Japan as a PSP downloadable title before it was released in the US as part of the minis collection.In Influence your character has a power known only as influence which gives him/her the ability to remove stacks of blocks from the playing surface. Your task is to remove all the blocks on the screen within or below the set amount of movements allotted to you.

Upon loading the game at the main menu you are given the choice of Start, Challenge and Tutorial. Tutorial is pretty self-explanatory, it teaches you the ins and outs of the game and teaches you how to use your ability (influence). In addition to having the powers of influence you are also able to flip the stage you are standing on to remove any blocks beneath you.In challenge mode you have one hundred levels to choose from which you unlock during the main game mode. Unfortunately there is very little point to challenge mode apart from just trying to complete challenge, although you are timed during the challenges your fastest times are not actually recorded nor shown which feels a little pointless.Then there is the main game where you have the choice three characters and difficulty Fay (easy), Tanaka (normal) and unknown (I’m assuming is hard).The main game is much like the challenge mode where you make your way through each stage removing blocks using influence with each level progressively getting harder.

Graphically Influence reminds me much of Sony’s 1997 game Intelligent Qube on the Playstation 1 with the main character having to remove blocks (in a slightly eerie atmosphere.) Each stage is set in a diffrent area with unfortunatly a rather bland background in each which I personally found disappointing it was nice to have different backgrounds but most of them weren’t even remotely well designed in anyway.

The controls are mapped out really well with the D-pad used for the player’s movement and the anolog nub used for rotating the camera angle which works excellent with the game as you will find you will probably need to change your view so as your player will actually go where you want him to.

Although the game starts of fun and a little challenging it doesn’t take long before the game becomes hard and eventually just boring and frustrating and with a lack of record times to beat in challenge mode it just seems as though there were a few things left out.I do enjoy a good puzzle game but for some reason I just could not get into, don’t get me wrong this game is good but it may not be to every puzzle fans taste.

Overall 6.5/10


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One Response to “Influence Review – Puzzling”
  1. Solo the Hutt says:

    the trailer didnt look interesting either …

    cant tell what was going on

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