Bloons TD – Banging or just a lot of hot air?


Monkeys, balloons, darts and………super monkeys? This can only mean one thing, yes that’s right Bloons TD has finally made its way to the PSP. With huge amounts of success on the internet and having equal success on the iPhone can Ninja Kiwi have as much success with the game on the PSP as they have had on other platforms?

For those of you who have never even heard of Bloons TD, where on earth have you been? Bloons TD is a tower defence game where instead of having monsters and aliens making there way to your base to destroy you and your people you have… well balloons. But not to worry because in way of protection you have monkeys with darts. Now for people who have never played the game in their life this may sound a little silly really, but like many good tower defence games you can spend hours playing the game and not even realise it.


For those of you who have played the original game on the internet you may be happy to know that six of the tracks from the original versions’s have made their way to the PSP, and as if that was not enough Ninja Kiwi have also been nice enough to include nine brand new courses for us to do battle on, giving you a total of fifteen tracks across five different track packs.

You start with just two of the five map packs unlocked, one with three tracks from the online game and the other with three brand new tracks, so whether you have played the online version or not you can play a few tracks you have never tried straight away. To unlock extra map packs you need to complete three maps from any map pack on any difficulty. Each map pits you against 50 waves of balloons ranging from your most basic and weak red balloons to the much deadlier rainbow balloons. As I have said before to destroy these balloons you need to purchase monkeys and to earn money to purchase new monkeys or upgrade exsiting ones you need to destroy balloons. Each type of monkey has a different ability for instance one of the monkeys will be armed with a boomerang which will attack in a curved path but can be upgraded to a Glaive thrower which can destroy multiple balloons another is the Super monkey which is much like the basic dart thrower but throws darts at a super fast speed but can be upgraded to fire laser and even plasma out of his eyes.You are also given the choice of three difficulty levels easy, medium and hard each earning you a different medal when completing the track bronze for easy, silver for medium and gold for hard.


Graphicly Bloons TD has not lost any of it’s cute, simple charm that help make the game so popular and with each map having different themes like forest themes or dessert themes and even a circuit board map the game really grabs your attention.

Now as fun Bloons TD can be with fifteen different maps with fifty waves each map and even bright, cute graphics it does get a little boring. I could be being over-critical but I just wish their were something more different between each level other then just the course the balloons take. If there were differnt type of balloons for certain levels or different monkeys available per level it would give a bit more veriaty and challenge to the game. I would have loved some sort of challenge mode too, for instance limiting the amount of towers you can use or a limit on how many times you can upgrade a monkey.

But even with that in mind Bloons TD is a great game and whether your just playing the game on break from work or you have a few hours to kill Bloons TD will certainly keep you entertained. And for those of you who have played the Bloons TD 1,2,3&4 online you will definately want to add this one to your collection.

Overall 9/10

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10 Responses to “Bloons TD – Banging or just a lot of hot air?”
  1. pspgamer01 says:

    it definitely not definatly. Anyways great review. The game is not available in my country! >:(

  2. nick says:

    it’s “it’s definately not definatly”, not “it definately not definatly”. Sorry, but if you are going to correct others you are asking for that!

  3. Therulers123456 says:

    i hope it comes out in the US i am a big fan of bloons td

  4. BLOONS says:


  5. Gohan051 says:

    OMG I love all those minis even if they have on Europe. I played on PC, but the PSP might have better experiencing gameplay.

  6. JB says:

    Wow. The word is “definitely.” Jesus.

  7. pspminisman says:

    as the famous tony once said; GREEEEAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. min says:

    My Review:
    Bloon TD is one of the cheap minis on the store being only 0.99. If or your money, you get 15 maps, 9 of which are completely new and the other 6 from previous games on the computer. Now the problem I had when deciding to make the purchase or not was whether or not it was worth buying a game that I get for free. And the answer is yes, it is.
    The reason this is worth the money (it may be cheap but its still your hard earned cash) is because the game is completely portable. The game can be played anywhere in the world and doesn’t need a internet connection to be played. Another reason is the game looking great. The frame rate is great. The simple colours make the game look amazing on the PSP screed and because of the great controls, most of the options can be hidden when not in use.

    The rounds are as great as ever and great for short bursts of game play. I even found myself play this game for a few hours because I was determined to unlock all maps!

    Anyone a fan of the TD games or Bloons Tower Defence will absolutely love this mini and is definitely worth the money. It take everything that made the original games so great and makes it even better so that is why i am going to give this a score of…


    Thanks for reading the review and here is a list of my other reviews with links

    Pac Man CE

  9. onmode-ky says:

    min, I removed the links from your comment. Links in a comment will keep it from being auto-approved, FYI.

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