Pallurikio Review

I’ve always like a fresh spin on video games, either a new way to play them or just something that makes it stand apart from the crowd. So when playing Pallurikio published and developed by Playstos Entertainment I was pleasantly surprised. Though being released on Nintendo’s WiiWare collection (and not being a complete hit) in December of 2009 I was looking forward to Playstos Entertainment’s first venture to the PSP.


The game start’s with a group of friends entering a run down and spooky looking house. While exploring the house they come across a room that looks like a library with a board game set out in the middle of the room. After the group of friends roll the dice they all (but Jimmy and his dog) get sucked into the board game, and so Jimmy and his dog set out to save them. Now this may sound a lot like a film released in the early 90’s staring Robin Williams. Well not to worry, because after the introduction that is about all you will hear of this, due to the fact that none of the friends nor Jimmy and his dog are even incorporated into the game instead you play as what I can only assume is a meatball (named Pallurikio) navigating his way through varied levels and worlds. 

Ok so this may not sound like a good start to a game but the game is actually good fun and can be challenging at many parts. Pallurikio offers us six worlds with around ten stages in each plus a time attack mode, for those of you who are curious on how fast you can complete each stage. The object of Pallurikio is to manoeuvre through 50+ levels collecting playing card’s that will supposedly open a world of chocolaty goodness. While collecting playing cards there are other items to collect from stars and coloured swirls (called whirl candy) for extra points to silver and gold clocks for bonus time to help complete the level. To make Pallurikio’s task more difficult there are numerous traps around the levels to slow you down, each world offers a different variety of traps.


What made this game interesting was rather then just jumping around simply by pressing X or square you have to use the analog stick to aim an arrow where you wanted to jump then hold either X or square to charge your shot and launch Pallurikio across the screen. Their is also a corrective shoot that can be applied while in mid-air to either help you get to higher platforms or avoid traps but can only be used once unless you bounce off walls and other surfaces. Also the corrective shot is weaker then when you jump from the ground. The basic game principle sounds easy but aiming with the anolog stick can be a little awkward at times with Pallurikio not actually going where you was trying to aim him due to the aiming being overly sensitive . 


The visuals in Pallurikio are very pretty with lots of bright colours and cute images (which reminded me a lot of Japan studios LocoRoco), such as Pallurikio smiling as it collects whirl candy and stars. Also each world has a different theme, from an Amazon world with rope bridges and spear traps from a space world with low gravity and laser beam traps you can tell a lot of thought went into their designs. 

Overall Pallurikio is a good game, but while the game has a unique style of play it does not have much replay value, once the story mode has been completed I doubt if many people will want to play the time attack mode. Also having a story that really doesn’t have anything to do with the game is a little confusing and would have been better if it was just not included at all.


Overall 7.5/10

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2 Responses to “Pallurikio Review”
  1. JeremyR says:

    Heh, a meatball as a character? Sounds like Aqua Teen Hunger Force…

  2. Ben says:

    “story that has nothing to do with the game” Well it depends what happens when you finish the game. So now I’m wondering, what happens in the ending? Does the game even HAVE an ending? o.o

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