4×4 Jam and Fly Fu coming to Minis

Actually it seems to have been announced previously which we missed, but the ESRB just rated 4×4 Jam from Invictus Games. Despite the name, it’s not a basketball game, but instead an offroad racing game:

4×4 JAM – “No Boundaries”

Don’t look for boundaries like in other racing games, 4×4 jam doesn’t limit the area. You can really drive as far as you wish!

The game offers 100% total freedom to race across the varied terrains without any limitations.

Listen to 9 licensed rock tracks during the intense races.

Challenge your opponents on icy mountains or hot send dunes and experience the excitement of hill climbing with custom build off road vehicles.

They also appear to have another game, Fly Fu, in the works.

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8 Responses to “4×4 Jam and Fly Fu coming to Minis”
  1. Christopher D. says:

    Looks like good and fun, but the psychics of the vehicles look to damn bouncy.

  2. JeremyR says:

    I guess that’s the “Jam” part?

  3. pspgamer01 says:

    this mini looks so awesome!!

  4. volcane says:

    Wow – this looks brilliant!

    I love arcade style racers and the 4×4 cars are a nice twist.This one should make a great mini and is definitely on my wanted list!

  5. ZOMBIE WINE GUM says:

    wow this looks amazing! But are you always racing or can you just free roam?

  6. SiDCrAzY says:

    This was a pretty cool game on the iPhone, can’t wait to play it on the PSP.

  7. SiDCrAzY says:


    On the iPhone version there’s a mode called “Free Ride” or something that you can just drive around as much as you want.

    I’m sure the PSP will have this as well.


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