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Training titleIf you know retro games, then I’m sure you remember Snake, the classic game where you eat dots but as you eat your tail grows and you must be careful not to hit it or the walls, or else you lose. Well, Snake Warriors: Training is a bit of a strange clone of that; it’s sort of a fantasy role playing game style Snake clone with a hint of party game in there, as I said, it is a strange combination.

You start off picking your character, all of which are snake trainers, and they all seem to be somewhat stereotypical fantasy RPG characters. The significance of having them seems nonexistent as it does not appear that they do anything in this game.


Then, right away, you get to pick a challenge for your snake to do. There are 15 levels of challenges and 5 challenges within each level, so there’s actually a lot to do here. There are 3 medals you can get for each challenge (bronze, silver, and gold of course) and each medal gives you experience the first time you get it, get enough experience points and you increase a level unlocking 5 additional challenges.
Although all the challenges are a little different they all are different versions of several games, the differences being the speed of the snake, the obstacles (if there are any), and how many coins/cards there are. There are 5 different types of games overall in all of them, you have to avoid your tail, and the walls:

  • “Snake Race” where you stay on the path and pass through checkpoints as fast as you can.
  • “Snake Memory” which is basically the card game “memory”.
  • “Classic Training” which is the basic version of Snake, you gather coins, and as you do so, you grow.
  • “Hunting Targets” which is like classic training except the coins move, bouncing back and fourth.
  • “Night Training” which is classic training only the screen is pitch back, except for the front of your snake’s head which lights up whatever is directly in front of you.

I did not really like the control scheme for this game, you use the L and R buttons to turn left and right, there is no d-pad or analog nub alternate control scheme which may come as a disappointment to some people, although it’s really just a minor inconvenience. Also strange about the controls is that it uses the triangle button to quit when you play, as opposed to just having a quit and restart option in the pause menu, again these are very small issues that anyone can easily get over.

The game features armors that you can unlock and your snake can wear, what they were thinking when they decided to implement this? Anyone’s guess, but I suppose it helps give the player incentive to keep going so they can unlock more, though, I would have rather seen alternative colour schemes for your snakes skin than something he can wear; the colour of the snake is sort of ugly, and armor on the snake is just weird.

The gameplay itself is well executed; the system of turning the snake’s head (as opposed to the standard point in the direction you want to go control system that the classic snake game used) works well, and really makes you look snake-like. A variety of several different game modes, which are essentially mini games, is cool for a cheap game like this, so if you enjoy party games (mini game games) you might actually enjoy this.SnakeWarriorsTraining-2

I found it a little difficult to start though, so you might want to make sure you’re good at snake first! It seems that the main charm of the game is how long it is, I have invested many hours in it and remain only 1/3 done, this is partly because getting medals can be challenging sometimes, and possibly just a little bit because I’m bad at it.

Overall, it might entertain those who are persistent enough to continue playing, but in comparison to some of the past few games that have been released, it just isn’t my favourite. However, that is not to say it is a bad game, it’s got a lot of playtime, and fans of snake will definitely want to try it, especially if they also like playing memory and top down racers. But, in the end it just didn’t feel like it broke any new ground on any level, and ultimately, that’s what divides good games from great ones.

Score: 7

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9 Responses to “Snake Warriors: Training Review – pretty sssSweet”
  1. JeremyR says:

    They are also making a Snake Warriors RPG (for the PC/Mac). So I guess that’s where the snake armor and stuff comes from…

  2. Carson says:

    yeah, but it just feels weird in this game, the way its just there.

    theres a ton of characters who are just kind of….. there, but they arent really given explanations,

    theres only the outline of a plot, and to do that on the first game released in a series just feels sloppy, I would have preferred no plot or characters to the little cliche details that are given.

  3. Peter says:

    Nice review.. its a Good game ….i agree.
    The gameplay is nice and challenging… And for 3.99 you will get alot of hour of gameplay…

    But i don’t agree what you tell about the armors …The armors make look the snake cool and nice so its great the put the armors in the game…

    my score= 8

  4. Carson says:

    if you like it, then that’s great, I just find dressing snakes up to be a little strange, it’s easily debatable, but since I dont have a “fashion sense” I’ll just have to take your word for it that it looks good :)

  5. JeremyR says:

    Hrrrmph, what’s the point of having a snake if you don’t dress them up?

  6. Gohan051 says:

    I’m a big fan of minis and snake. They use R and L button for like PSP®GO and snake is so fun you guys should try this. Its very awesome. That my opinion.

  7. CRyan1997 says:

    Is this as good as the original snake ?

  8. Mike says:

    CRyan1997: its better (realy!).

    And there is a new free update ( more controles, balancing ect)

  9. CRyan1997 says:

    Hmmm… thanks for the reply Mike I might check it out

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