Hero of Sparta Review

hero-of-sparta-1First thing on everyone’s mind when playing Hero of Sparta is that it’s a shameless God of War rip-off. Now, shameless might sound harsh but the fact is that they have done seemingly nothing to hide where their inspiration for the game came from.

Everything seems to remind you of the God of War series; the Greece setting, quick time fight events that end in gruesome kills, different colored orbs floating towards you after killing, and weapon upgrades involving a red substance.

On the iPhone, where Hero of Sparta was first released, maybe this was easily overlooked. After all, at the time of release, it was one of the most visually impressive and epic games on the iPhone.

But this is the PSP. We have God of War: Chains of Olympus, the highest rating PSP game of all time. It’s hard not to compare it to that Greek killing machine we all know and love.

But the truth is it’s not fair to compare it, after all, this is a mini we are talking about. It has a smaller budget and a smaller price.

So how does it stand on its own?

While the game starts impressively, with a pretty awesome and well done opening cinematic, you won’t see that quality through the rest of the game.

If you can get past the lack of polish you may just enjoy this mindless romp through the myth filled lands of Ancient Greece.


You take the role of King Argos, a Spartan hero, who must battle his way through several stages of hack n slash glory.

With only two buttons to do the hacking and slashing game play can feel somewhat shallow at times. Another button allows you to block and thus alternating between the three makes for the majority of the strategy you will apply to your killing.

Along your journey you unlock several weapons, all of which can be upgraded. Each weapons special, when activated, unleashes a devastating blast to all surrounding enemies. This drains your special meter, so choosing when and where to use it adds a little depth to the game play.

Cut scenes between the levels break up the action and tell the storyline. The graphics while aren’t impressive are functional.

I guess that’s a good way to sum up the game, its functional. There are many areas it lacks polish, like it was rushed out the door as soon as it was playable.

Hero of Sparta costs close to half what God of War: Chains of Olympus costs and I could recommend it if it was half the game God of War is, but the fact is it’s not even close.

If you are after a quick and simple hack n slash adventure that just gets the job done maybe give this game a look. If you need more depth and polish from a title for it to be enjoyable then look elsewhere.

Score: 6.0

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12 Responses to “Hero of Sparta Review”
  1. David Black says:

    Thanks for the honest review Chris. I’ll probably pass on this title for now. I really enjoyed God of War: CoO but this just doesn’t seem like it has the same spark to it, even on a lower scale. I wish Gameloft would have taken the time to polish the title a little more instead of just updating the controls for PSP. Also, if it would have been priced at $5 USD or less I would be more inclined to be more forgiving of the overall quality.

  2. Really digging the reviews!

  3. Luckygamer says:

    Hero of Sparta looked so awesome on the Ipod Touch- might pick it up if I win this site’s PSP Go contest!

  4. Gareth says:

    A great review. I’m not sure it’s fair to criticise the Greek setting on this one though, as it would be difficult to set a game about the Spartans anywhere else.

    On a different matter, how unfortunate is this guy’s name? King Argos? Who’s his brother? King Asda? King Walmart?

  5. agent069 says:

    This review is very kind. I know it’s a 5$ minis game. But that’s not an excuse for unresponsive and laggy controls. It might be an interesting curiosity on iPhone, but there is no reason to play a shit like that on PSP. It looks bad and it plays even worth. Even the framerate is all over the place.

  6. Count says:

    Wow, the art was convincing. I guess it just wasn’t enough to make it through as an A-game.

  7. brett says:

    I personally really liked this game, im always looking for gow clones, and for a mini game this one pulls it off for me

  8. AntBond says:

    It’s now only €1,19 so I bought the game. Not played it yet but it sounds fun.

  9. BKA says:

    Yup, 99 cents now so I bought it.

  10. Enker says:

    Now only 99p on the PSP in the United Kingdom, this little slice of action adventure plays like a sub par God of War mixed with elements Golden Axe. On the outside this sounds like a great blend, but the reality is that it has taken on the worst of both without really excelling at anything of its own. A shame really that it’s been outdone by Dark Warrior in almost every way but the price tag. Still, a lunch hour with nothing to do could see you giving it a shot, you can’t pick up a magazine for the cost of this game these days.

  11. incpdo says:

    i dunno, i kinda enjoy this title , i have tried both versions psp and ios and reality is that even in psp the controls sucks but its more playable than the ios one. Nice review thou , but i think as a minis the comparison to a game like God Of War isnt fair. The graphics are very good for a minis and it has videos and etc.

    Anybody knows if the second installment Aka Hero of Sparta 2 will ever be a minis?

  12. Ray Marshall says:

    the game good

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