Alien Havoc Review

alien-havoc2It’s not every day you hear about Aliens landing on earth. Even if you do it’s not like they would be abducting farm animals or be near any farms. Alien Havoc does a good job of making fun of the material it’s using while still making it fun to play. The goal is simple, grab cows and bring them back to the mother ship without getting caught by the farmers.

Playing through each round is a lot of fun when you first get started, but they can be more of a chore in the later rounds. The layouts of the levels seem to make it more of a trial and error process than needed. The Alien moves very slow and there aren’t enough things between the cow and the mother ship to help out most of the time. The main problem is that the maps come across as confusing with them being so small and walking off the edge of the map warps you over to the other side in the same way Pac-Man moves across the level.

The music seems like something would be playing on a radio at the actual farm. Mixing that with some other notes it fits in a very odd way. Picking up a cow will trigger a Moo and a farmer who notices you will give off a warning beep to let you know they are running after you.

There are three options from the main menus and that includes the credits. The second is Customize Alien that gives you a few different heads to pick from and a number of different colors. If you pick brown for both the head and the body and squint your eyes, you could almost make out E.T., minus the Reese’s Pieces. Cow Caper is the real meat of the game and it holds up fairly well. The goal is to get two cows back to the mother ship and do it in a timely fashion.

The game will keep track of your score, but it doesn’t matter how well you do since there is no leaderboard. Cats may have 9 lives, but Aliens only have three in this game. A life can be lost by getting hit by a tractor or a farmer picking you up and running off with you. Throwing around or even dropping off a cow too many times will result in them running free. You can still move onto the next level even without capturing a single cow. The cow bonus portion of your score will be zero, but the next round is yours.

Alien Havoc showed promise, but in the end just didn’t fit manage to make being an alien fun. Aliens are known for having special abilities and super futuristic weapons. Some of those would have helped out this game in a big way. A local leaderboard is something else that seems like it should have been in there, but since it wasn’t, it just makes the score at the end of each round seem rather pointless. The art style very well may be this games saving grace.

Score: 6 .5

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11 Responses to “Alien Havoc Review”
  1. Count says:

    Wasn’t expecting a 6.5 on this. Thanks for reviewing it.

  2. David Black says:

    Well I’ll be passing on this for now it looks like. Thanks for the review, seems like I might find the gameplay a little too vanilla for my tastes. Needs explosions ; D

  3. Gareth says:

    I actually think the art style counts against this game. The graphics look like they were drawn in MS Paint.

    A 2009 game about aliens which is a subject that I for one associate with exotic, futuristic technology (they didn’t cross the universe in a Viking longboat) has no place running graphics from 1989.

    Give me some anti-aliasing and transparencies at the very least.

  4. awesomeness says:

    I know this is late comment but actually just got the game (I’m not exactly on top of minis) and I REALLY enjoyed this game! I really liked how they incorporated stealth and adventure/action elements in mini. I honestly don’t understand all the bad reviews this game got! I’ll admit its not a “10″ but it deserves better then it got.

  5. volcane says:


    It’s interesting to hear you say that. I also think a lot of these older Minis deserve reexperiencing. I’m not quite sure why but I find that many are surprisingly enjoyable when played a second time round :-)

  6. awesomeness says:

    Thank you volcane! That’s exactly how I felt! I found this game to be one of my favorites after randomely buying it (lol, I still don’t understand why I did that). I thought it was very enjoyable for two reasons-
    1) I’m a stealth game fanatic, and even though this isn’t any metal gear solid, I really did enjoy throwing cabbages at farmers while trying not to be seen!
    2) the artstyle!! I loved the artstyle butbit has been a source of criticism for this game. But what I don’t understand is why “Pokemon” had its artstyle acclaimed when they’re very similar? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………

    and thanks again volcane!! Your always the only one who responds to my comments :D

  7. volcane says:


    While I’m traditionally more of a run-n-gun type, I do enjoy a bit of stealthy gameplay too, so following on from your feedback I might give this game a go! :-)

  8. volcane says:

    “Blast Off” and “Retro Cave Flyer” are another couple of excellent games that are often overlooked! :-)

  9. awesomeness says:

    I agree volcane! While I don’t own blast off, I have played it at my friends house several times and it is pretty awesome, BUT I do own retro cave flyer and I have to say that (like alien havoc) it is HIGHLY underated and does deserve a re-review or something.

  10. volcane says:


    I’ve just bought Alien Havoc and been playing it this morning. It’s brilliant fun! :-)

    The gameplay is fairly straightforward but I don’t mind that at all – it reminds me of those simple retro handheld games.

    The artwork is very nice and I love the humour of the game and the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously :-)

    Many thanks for recommending this!

  11. awesomeness says:


    Your very welcome and I’m glad you liked it as much as I did! :) thats what I liked about it too, its not one of those games that you can’t put down because when you pick it up again the story will have been partially forgotten (ahem MGS, splinter cell) don’t get me wrong I love those two games its just that sometimes I need a game that I can enjoy for 30 minutes, put away and play again a few days later with the same level of enjoyment.

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