Some Big Announcements From Laughing Jackal

Steven, from Minis development studio laughing Jackal, has once again given us a heads up on our forums. This time he announces a blog for Laughing Jackal. On this blog, they have announced two real nice pieces of news. First, they have posted the US release dates for three of their games:

  • Stellar Attack – Tuesday 1st June 2010
  • Cubixx – Tuesday 8th June 2010
  • Vibes – Tuesday 8th June 2010

Cubixx and Stellar Attack have already been released in EU, and their third title, Vibes (formally known as “Pulse”), has yet to be Released in EU.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they have also announced  a fourth title that should be released this summer: Ace Armstrong vs. the Alien Scumbags!

For those of you who do not feel like visiting the blog and seeing for yourself, here is the list of features they have posted:

  • Old skool side scrolling shooter.
  • Classic, cheesy sci-fi cartoon art style.
  • Waste the Scumbags using the Recyl-o-Ray and an array of their own weapons.
  • More than a dozen different flavours of Scumbag, and five huge bosses to defeat.
  • 3 difficulty levels – those Scumbags’ just don’t quit!
  • Awesome vintage sci-fi soundtrack.

It is really nice to hear all of this. Cubixx seems like a solid twist on an old classic that was only criticised for its lack of extra game modes, and stellar attack… Jeremy gave it a 9/10 so it can’t be that bad. I also know there are a lot of people who wanted some pure “old skool” shooting action, with less focus on puzzle aspects, and it seems like Ace Armstrong will deliver that, in addition to humour and 60’s sci-fi movie references. Sounds like fun. Alien blasting fun, the best kind!

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3 Responses to “Some Big Announcements From Laughing Jackal”
  1. Carson says:

    I just realized, Ace reminds me of character the old ps1 game Blasto,
    if you ask me, that game was underrated,
    lets hope this game turns out to be just as funny, cause Blasto is the most hilarious game I can remember playing, and I dont think there’s enough light hearted funny games like it. so this one, I can say I am looking forward to this one.

  2. PSPeeper says:

    I was going to say the same thing about Blasto. It would be nice if it was re-released as a PSone Classic. I know one of the past issues of Qore had a Blasto PS3 theme, so there’s a chance.

  3. volcane says:

    Really really looking forward to this! :-)

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