Echoes for a dollar!

echoes-6Well this week we might not have received any games in the minis section, aside from the Sony developed ones of course (which may count as negative games in some peoples books), but something notable did happen in the North American store, a price drop. Halfbrick studios’ Echoes, an already pretty cheap game at three dollars, has had its price dropped down.

It is now just 99 cents, making it the cheapest mini available, and therefore the cheapest game on the store, and dare I say, PlayStation history? For those of you who haven’t bought it yet, I strongly recommend it, and for only a dollar you really can’t go wrong. The Echoes review can be found here

Also, there’s been some sales here too, with Tetris (normally $10) going to $7

Tetris review here

Zombie Tycoon (regularly $8) is also $3 right now.

Zombie Tycoon review here

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2 Responses to “Echoes for a dollar!”
  1. Trax says:

    On the Euro store, Echoes and Puzzle Scape were dropped to 1.19€.
    Zombie Tycoon also gets pricecut this week, 3.99€ -> 2.49€

  2. DylanRez says:

    Echoes sells for $1.95 (AUD) and is packed with over 20 levels of varying difficulty and several different modes to keep the player interested. However the game fails in one major way: No unlockables… You can get several trophies but no real unlockables… It’d be nice to unlock a new sombreo lookin’ thing once in a while (Incase you somehow didn’t know, It’s top-down view.) Very good for such a cheap price but you can see WHY it’s so cheap, It’s not worth $5 hardly. 6/10.

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