Alien Havoc Announced as Launch Title


Another launch title has been announced, Alien Havoc.

We were aware that Creat Studio were working on this title and are very pleased to see it land on launch day. Here’s what to expect, straight from the developers mouth.

Alien Havoc throws back to the classic games era, putting gamers in command of an alien who must pluck cows from farms, load them onto his spaceship, and bring them back to his planet.  The farmers, however, won’t let their cows go easily.  Players must tackle wrapping level layouts, hide and sneak in the cover of tall grass, and throw veggies, rocks or anything else they can at farmers so they can bring the livestock back to their space ship.

Key Game Features

  • Personalize. Customize your alien’s head and body.
  • Explore. Adventure through 20 challenging farms that wrap vertically and horizontally.
  • Strategize. Success by using the terrain and objects to aid you when dealing with farmers.
  • Go for high score! Get the highest score you can by being quick and keeping your cows happy.


Sounds like a pretty nifty title. Looking forward to giving this one a whirl.

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2 Responses to “Alien Havoc Announced as Launch Title”
  1. Count says:

    Lol is there gonna be a trail for this? Looks fun because pixel art is an undying art ;D

  2. David Black says:

    Sounds interesting. Hopefully you’ll have a review up before too long ; )

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