Release Date Roundup

news-headerWe’ve gotten an astounding number of release dates for upcoming Minis in April:

April 8th: Freekscape (EU & NA) – $4.99/€4.99, Hysteria Project (EU) -  €1.49

April 15th: Telegraph Sudoku & Kakuro (NA)

April 22nd: Hysteria Project (NA) – $1.99, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess (EU & NA) – €3.49/$3.49

While Agetec’s Mahjong Solitaire, originally slated for April 22nd in NA, has slipped back three weeks to May 11th.

(Big thanks to Yan Marchal of Sanuk Games for the release dates for Hysteria Project and Telegraph Sudoku & Kakuro)

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7 Responses to “Release Date Roundup”
  1. djax says:

    Nothing interesting for me this month…

  2. Trax says:

    Freekscape and Monsters are very interesting!

    Oh, there are also this games:
    Widgets Odyssey 1(early April)
    Widgets Odyssey 2(early April)
    Young Thor(late Aprile)
    Vektar Beat(late Aprile)

  3. z3tz3r says:

    cannot wait for the next psn crds delivery XD

  4. JeremyR says:

    @Trax: I know those games were originally announced for April, but all the ones in my post are confirmed dates from the developers…

  5. Zoibie says:

    Hope Hysteria Project comes to EU soon, looks very interested given I really enjoyed Siren on PS3

  6. Jeremy says:

    Hmmm, Hysteria Project was due out today (that’s what the press release said), but doesn’t seem to have appeared

  7. Jeremy > Hysteria Project was all set for a release yesterday, but Sony Europe forgot to include it in the release!

    I have checked the issue with them: they apologized and said it would be released next week (April 15th).

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