New Launch Title Fortix Announced

fortix 1Well this one came out of the blue. Not only wasn’t it on our Launch Title list, in wasn’t even on our upcoming games list.

Here’s the word straight from the developer.

Fortix is the he fantasy remake of the 80’s popular arcade game Qix. The aim in the game is to conquer the fortresses located in the center of each level. The player moves a knight around the edges of the playfield and draws closed shapes to claim pieces of land. A territory is claimed once its borders are fully drawn, then it becomes solid and changes color. To complete a level, the player must entirely claim the area of the fortress.

There are several constantly moving monsters across the playfield, as well as fixed defensive turrets that shoot shells at the knight – making the drawing even more difficult. The higher the level, the more wicked the monsters and turrets become. If any monster or shell touches the knight, or the line, the player loses a life. It is easy to avoid the dangers at first, but as the remaining unclaimed space on the stage gets smaller, the monsters become harder to escape.

fortix 2fortix 3
fortix 4

From the screenshots the game looks slick and could end up being quite a bit of fun. Perfect for some quick pick up and play action.

I guess we will find out soon as it will be released October 1st.

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5 Responses to “New Launch Title Fortix Announced”
  1. Sylin says:

    Oh wow… a Qix clone with a medieval twist? That’s clever! I fondly remember playing that game for HOURS on my Apple IIgs.

    Ah… the good ‘ol days.

    Here’s hoping Fortix gets a good review!

  2. Paul Convery says:

    I must admit I had to go search Youtube to see what exactly Qix was to get an idea of how exactly the gameplay is going to work in this. Looks really rather interesting though, and the art looks very good.

  3. David Black says:

    Yeah, sounds like an interesting strategy title. You don’t enough simple, yet deep, strategy games like this these days.

  4. Sylin says:

    Qix is a classic. My siblings and I would compete to see who could get the smallest box possible. Crazy fun times. :)

  5. Count says:

    I don’t get the gameplay o_O

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