Alien Zombie Death dated for North America

alien-zombie-death-5From a blog post by the developer, PomPom Games, on their mini Alien Zombie Death

That’s right ladies and lunatics… We have a date for release over the pond : 25th March.

$3.99 is what it’ll cost you gov’ner.

Already released in Europe (see review here), it seems quite a fair price for an excellent game.

(Hat tip: FriskyTanuki from the CAG forums)

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6 Responses to “Alien Zombie Death dated for North America”
  1. prince caro 19 says:

    gotta buy this one.

  2. joe382 says:

    awesome game. My favourite mini.

  3. Nanami says:

    This game is really awesome, and definitely worth the money

  4. koenigseggrocks says:

    Why is it so cool? It really looks kinda….cheesy.

  5. prince caro 19 says:

    it just looks like a frantic arcade shmup with a large amount of effects,
    theres nothing wrong with that, koenigseggrocks !
    in fact, frantic shmups define the video game industry, if it wasnt for them video game popularity would be virtually nonexistent!
    God bless frantic shmups!

  6. koenigseggrocks says:

    um….okay? :p

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