Ice Road Truckers – Upcoming Mini


Thanks very much to NoVy from the PSP Team website for giving us the heads-up about this mini. Slitherine Software UK’s Ice Road Truckers is due for release in the European PlayStation Store this Thursday March 11th for a very reasonable £2.39. The official game of the award-winning HISTORY channel TV series, Ice Road Truckers features the death-defying everyday feats of the real-life 18-wheeler truck drivers whose business it is to haul their massive trailers for days on end along the treacherous ice roads north of the Arctic Circle.

In the game, the player gets to control (or attempt to control!) these huge beasts, hauling loads to specified destinations in a bid to become the number one Ice Trucker. Here are some of the main features of the game as outlined by Slitherine:

  • 5 trucks with unique characteristics. Unlock trucks by winning awards
  • 5 different cameras, and different surfaces with different traction
  • 15 ice roads to master. Unlock roads by earning cash
  • Thin breakable ice area – beware!
  • Forking roads
  • Race against the clock to deliver your loads
  • Avoid other trucks and hazards on the road
  • Set records in the hall of fame
  • Even your glass steams up when the action gets intense!

Something about this mini really appeals to me. I like the idea of a different type of driving mini, one which by all accounts has a sense of adventure and daring-do, and the graphics look really nice. Looking forward to playing this on Thursday!


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15 Responses to “Ice Road Truckers – Upcoming Mini”
  1. NoVy says:

    As I said before Maura, no problem at all! We are extremely grateful for mentioning PSP-team once again :)

  2. djax says:

    Must have game :-) .

    Here is gameplay (version from iPhone, but game is the same):

  3. prince caro 19 says:

    im not sure about this one, dont think its for me.

  4. Coletan says:

    This sounds like big rigs :P I hope it’s better than it (then again how can it be any worse xD)

  5. Stranno says:

    Yup, it looks like Big Rigs xD

    Slitherine was the studio that intended to release the first ever FPS on portable console, Tyranosaurus Tex for GBC but Eidos denied its distribution and game was never released


  6. Maura says:

    Awesome knowledge Stranno! I still have my GBC!

  7. koenigseggrocks says:

    You do? Cool, so do I :D

  8. prince caro 19 says:

    i actually have an original game boy, and a gbc (well my brothers) :) , i dont play them anymore though,
    i guess im all Pokemon’d out :D .

    the developer also seems to be affiliated with the history channel in some way.

  9. djax says:

    Big Rigs, worst game ever for PC :-)

  10. koenigseggrocks says:

    I wonder if it’s at all like the online version?? See here: Probably the biggest difference is that the PSP version is 3D…

  11. Stranno says:


    Yep, they’ve developed Great Battles of Rome for PSP, it was a very-average real-time-strategy game

  12. djax says:

    I bought Ice Road Truckers, waste of money :-( , it has terrible framerate…

  13. Stew2000 says:

    It looks terrible. I’ll stick with watching the series.

  14. koenigseggrocks says:

    Bummer. Thanks for the warning, and I think I’ll just stick to watching it on TV, like Stew :)

  15. djax says:

    I played it again, bad framerate, bad textures, bad controls, bad camera, boring gameplay…regret buying, any other minis is better…

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