Age of Zombies Review – Barry Steakfries FTW!

age-of-zombies-2It’s been a while coming, but finally minis have their own superhero. Age of Zombies’ square-jawed wise-cracking zombie head-splatting foul-mouthed heartthrob Barry Steakfries doesn’t just have the best name in the world, ever, he’s such an all-round badass he could probably kill zombies just by looking at them, but instead he chooses to blast them with his boom stick, just for giggles. If Ripley from Aliens and Duke Nukem had a baby, it would probably be Barry Steakfries.

Halfbrick, how we do love you. First you give us intriguing and ethereal puzzle minis such as Echoes, then you give us floaty space stuff like Blast Off, and now you’ve clearly gone stark raving mad with the utter joyous lunacy that is Age of Zombies. A game that not only makes me laugh out loud and shout “Barry Steakfries FTW” at regular intervals (note to self: don’t play on public transport), but is also probably vying with Dracula: Undead Awakening for the best top-down shooter mini.

There are two gameplay modes, the main story mode and Survival Mode. In Survival Mode, you just get one life and have to keep going as long as possible in the levels which have already been unlocked in the story mode to see if your high scores make it to the high scores table.


In story mode, which features Barry Steakfries travelling through time to splatter zombies through the ages, you have initially just three lives, and must clear all the shufflers from your current location until the goo-green gauge on the left is empty. Crates with weapon upgrades are frequently dropped around the playing area, with icons indicating the direction in which you can find them.

To move Mr Steakfries, use either the directional buttons or the analog stick, and to shoot, press Square, Triangle, O or X. Press two buttons together to shoot diagonally in the specific direction. When you have secondary weapons such as grenades, press L to throw them. And that’s really all you need to know to go forth and wreak zombie-killin’ mayhem all across time.

The weapons that Barry gets to wield are the usual shooter fare, but all handle really well. There’s the obligatory boomstick (shotgun), of course, plus an SMG, rifle, minigun, and flamethrower, as well as secondary weapons such as grenades, bazookas and mines. Crates also contain pick-ups such as extra lives and shields, although these are very few and far between.


In terms of the overall gameplay experience, Age of Zombies plays like a dream, and delivers a strong challenge. The sheer size of the relentless swathes of zombie hordes out to suck on Barry’s brains is truly impressive, without ever a hint of slowdown, and you’ll have loads of fun spraying around the lead and mowing them down en masse to earn extra combo points.

Also nice to see some old-school tumultuous boss battles in a mini as well, rounding off every level with a flourish, including a zombie T-Rex, a zombie mob car, and a samurai zombie.

Graphics-wise, all Halfbrick games seem to have a certain style and flair about them, and Age of Zombies is no exception, with its bright comic-book animations and backgrounds, and hilarious little zombies with clothes to suit the historical location, be it mafia-style suits for the 30s level, or mummy zombies in Egypt. Overall, it’s a simply gorgeous game to look at. The fantastic music all adds to the atmosphere as well, being themed according to each level, whether it be Egypt, Chicago in the ‘30s or prehistoric times.

Downsides? Well, by its nature it’s fairly short, as these top down shooters always are, but it actually has a lot of variety even so. There are several stages to each level, so you’re not just stuck in one area. I guess the silly humour might not appeal to everyone, but for the rest of us that love zombie-blasting carnage-with-quips on a massive, sick scale, what are you waiting for? You need this game, and Barry, in your life. Barry Steakfries, FTW.

Score:  9/10

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30 Responses to “Age of Zombies Review – Barry Steakfries FTW!”
  1. joe382 says:

    You thought this was better than Alien Zombie Death? I thought this was pretty generic, just the same old zombie concept.

  2. jps382 says:

    actually I take that back. It is pretty fun and is a great example of what can be done as a mini, I am just a bit tired of zombies.

  3. TowerBooks3192 says:

    thinking twice of buying this since i have burn zombie burn,i know this is better since i could put this in my pocket and play it anywhere, not convinced to get this one,..

  4. prince caro 19 says:

    yeah, i think bzb is cool,
    but i didnt really like how bzb worked, the scoring system just seemed unnatural to me, but it is a cool game.
    i’d say this game looks cool enough for bzb fans, but does seem like it has differences, which in my opinion, is great!

    i have a question,
    i know Barry Steakfries is cool,
    but can he beat Bruce from burn zombie burn?
    “im only here for killing zombies and chewing bubble gum,
    and im all outta gum….”

  5. ZOMBIE WINE GUM says:

    i think this is the best mini out! BARRY STEAKFRIES FTW

  6. pspgamer01 says:

    I don’t like this game because it’s too short!! It would be better if it had a medal system or something!! I played it out fast and DONE! This is not a 9/10 worhted! Better a 6.5 or a 7/10!

  7. TowerBooks3192 says:

    @ prince caro: I guess BZB has a very disapointing point system,you need to burn as many as you can for multipliers,then when you burned a lot of it,you have to kill it to get points and your multiplier will start to go down until your back to square one,what’s worst is that in the secret lab area,most zombie waves are accompanied by exploders,.gatling gun could do the trick but its frustrating when the zombies with shield would come out since you have to get your hands on lawnmowers or chainsaw and your melee is limited since they are accompanied by exploders,…in between bruce and barry,..i really couldnt decide since i didnt have age of zombies yet,but i guess sometimes we dont need videogame characters who have high IQ,..kind of boring to shoot zombies with people as intelligent and as beautiful as jill valentine and leon kennedy,..hahaha,..

  8. dax says:

    Barry Steakfries sukz! this game sukz! for example why didnt you mention crappy sounds? or worst AI i have ever seen, yes i know zombies are stupid and all but came on they dont have to be that stupid! for example when they are standing still on the bridge (mafia level) while you are charging them with bullets.. if i were barry stupid motherf steakfries (what a name wow!) i would just leave that place without killing any of them, they wouldnt follow me obviously.. but ill admit its playable, highly playable still it doesnt deserve 9/10 (in relation to AZD’s 7.5/10), no way you halfbrick fanboy!!

    ( and yes i know my english is bad, but its my third language in case that anyone cares d: )

  9. Maura says:

    Hi Dax! Thanks for the comments! Glad you appreciated the review ;-) . Just one thing, I’m a Halfbrick fanGIRL, not boy! Please don’t make the mistake of assuming that all gamers are male. All the best! :-)

  10. TowerBooks3192 says:

    @dax,i know games have flaws and if all games are perfect then what is the point of making a new game,well if that is how you see the game then i can’t blame you since as the saying goes,one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,..some may love this game and some may hate it,but halfbrick deserves praise for the effort to try and make a game that is great,its hard to please everybody and tphe key to failure is trying to please everyone, relation to the review,i guess the reviewer did her best and scored it based on their standards, may vary from gamer to gamer

  11. 8001050F says:

    This is compatible with the PS3, correct? Is there an option to configure the controls on the PS3 to use the right analog stick to shoot?

  12. prince caro 19 says:

    unfortunately, the games on ps3 are played using an emulator, meaning its the exact same game as the psp version, so, no, no minis will have compatibility with the right stick (or R2 and L2 for that matter), which is too bad.
    also, i dont know if this ones ps3 compatible, if it is, youll find it in the minis section in the ps3 games list on the ps store (in addition to the section in the psp games list).

  13. xnx says:

    I like the game, its easy to play and fun.

  14. 8001050F says:

    Thanks for the reply, prince. I haven’t purchased any minis yet, so I assumed they worked like PSone Classics, giving each system unique customization options. That’s too bad. The game still looks fun, though.

  15. Count says:

    I r back (forgot pass..)

    Anyways, I got to say, I love this game alot!!
    Been playing it in school (After finishing school work of course)
    And takes turns with my friends to try and beat the high scores.

    (Got 940k on that Japan Level xD)

    But yeah, totally worth it.

    Ju7st wondering though, is this as good as Dracula’s awakening? Or is this better?

  16. prince caro 19 says:

    actually, there isnt any customization on the ps3 (which surprised me), but if there were, all you’d be able to do is make the right stick correspond to the face buttons, there still wouldn’t be any extra precision.
    although i havent been able to pick it up yet (tried to over the weekend, and sure enough the internet didnt work) i really want it, and having played other “twin stick” shooters on my psp, i found other than the lack of precision it is an easy control scheme to get used to, and i’d say, for five bucks, even if you dont have a psp it cant be a terrible decision.

  17. TowerBooks3192 says:

    @ prince caro:I was thinking of trying to find a setting on the ps3 using the right analog stick with dracula,i was hoping they would have an option to use the right analog if you play it on the ps3,.btw,i was dissapointed about some minis not compatible on the ps3,..i guess its only tetris that you cant play on the ps3

  18. dax says:

    hi Maura :) youre welcome! i didnt know you are a girl, and i thought that term fanboy can be applied to person regardless their sex. and yes i know that female gamers exists, for example my beloved one (but she is only better then me in super mario bros for wii so i cant consider her as serious gamer (omg she will kill me if she ever read this)) where was i, yes i came here again to be honest about this game.. this game rocks! i gave it another go after my first disappointment and what can i tell you, im really hooked now :) what can i say.. keep up with good reviews :)

  19. prince caro 19 says:

    lol, how you had a complete change of heart is just fantastic, dax.

  20. Maura says:

    That’s cool Dax! :-) Thanks for being a good sport. Barry is awesome isn’t he?!

  21. djax says:

    Still do not know, if buy this game or not… I think, that Dracula is much better…

  22. dax says:

    Its enough to say that mass effect 2 is neglected (poor jack is still in her cell) (: i wonder how long this obsession will last.. yeah barry ftw!

  23. The Lam says:

    I thought it was an okay game, 9/10 seems very generous. Usually I don’t like the games that use the button pads as your directional shooting controls, but I too thought they were quite smooth (unlike those found in Army of Two for PSP). I guess my main problem with the game was the short campaign/story mode. It’s such a simplistic game and design, I don’t see how they couldn’t add some more levels. Even making each level 5 rounds instead of 3 could have helped. Anyhow, it’s a fun game, and worth the price as a Mini.

  24. joe says:

    the two minis that look fun are freekscape and age of zombies.

  25. confuletlyf says:

    during our weekly zombies vs samurai vs giant robots debate this game came up. my coworker mentioned…

    zombies ate my neighbours

    genesis classic that i used to play for hours that clearly inspired these kind of games

    just thought i’d share. am waiting for a price cut to get this game. looks much better than dracula

  26. iPlayGames says:

    I downloaded this game yesterday as my first PSP mini. I went into this whole… mini thing, thinking not much of it. Now, I can’t stop playing ‘em. Anyway, Age of Zombies is a game I am VERY glad I purchased. A variety of guns keeps you on your toes and the beautiful scenery you almost forget you’re blasting the undead foo’s. I also enjoyed all the different, “genres” if you will, of zombies. One minute your shootin’ up some cavezombies next, your punching holes through mobster zombies with pistols. Let’s talk bosses. The first boss (spoiler alert) is a zombie T-Rex. If thats not pimp-a-limpin enough, you can take on a GIANT samuria zombie. Well, I’ll close this off by saying I thoroughly enjoyed my puchase. 5 outta 5 for me.

  27. Gam3r007 says:


  28. sniper712 says:

    at first it didn’t feel as fun to me, now I’m on the Japan level and just loving this game! Barry Steakfires FTW!!!

  29. sniper712 says:

    crap.. mispelled (retry) : Barry Steakfries FTW!!!

  30. Michael says:

    I think its cool they have Barry Steakfries in multiple games as he’s an awesome character and obviously a good mascot for the company.. This is a great simple shooter and thanks very much for the great quality games! However, I actually have the Vita version but I doubt there is much of a difference.. I’m around halfway through..

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