Vicious Engine Available to Minis Developers

Vicious EngineVicious Cycle Software (VCS) has teamed up with Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEE) and agreed to make its Vicious Engine middleware platform available to PSP Minis developers. The Vicious Engine, upgraded to Ve2 in early 2009, has most recently been used in the making of third-person shooter Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, and has previously proved its versatility on adventure/platform titles such as Dead Head Fred and casual games such as Puzzle Quest.

“Everyone here at Vicious Cycle understands the challenges and expenses involved in video game development,” said VCS president and CEO Eric Peterson. “We’re confident that SCEE’s Minis program for PSP will make it easier and more manageable for both mid-sized studios and independent developers to design their dream game and introduce their work to a wide audience of players worldwide.”

As Sony Europe’s Zeno Colaco points out, Vicious Cycle already has a strong track record when it comes to the PSP. “The Vicious Engine was the first commercially available game development platform to specifically support PSP, and that dedication to providing a high-quality handheld development environment has only grown stronger over the years.”

So they’re all happy and full of smiles, but what does it mean for us, the humble Mini-hungry gamer, eh? Well, our firm hope is that the Vicious Engine’s affordability, accessibility and ease-of-use (it’s frequently employed as a training tool for student developers, for example) will encourage smaller developers to jump in with both feet and come up with some really innovative and daring little downloads. Such solid support for Minis developers can only mean good things for the long-term life of the platform.

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5 Responses to “Vicious Engine Available to Minis Developers”
  1. Mathews says:

    Wouldn’t it be good if it was available to the general public?

  2. MGO_Count says:

    I loved Puzzle quest, that I bought the game for DS, Xbox and PS3. It’s really addicting.
    I can’t wait for their next approach. Even if Galactrix was kind of bad (A bit buggy and the dev’s didn’t know there was a “Your turn” loop”).

    Looking forward for Vicious engine

    (My entry on the PSP win news didn’t appear xD, is article comments limited to 8 entries?)

  3. David Black says:

    Dead Head Fred was the 1st PSP game that I played and I really enjoyed it. The Vicious Engine powered the game and it seemed to be a pretty powerful engine so I’m really looking foward to seeing what the development community can do with this for minis.

  4. mauaus says:

    YEah dead head fred was good, nice humour in it :)

  5. L2K says:

    That advertisement pic is sexy. Can’t wait to see what they’re going to give us in the coming months

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