Halfbrick’s Rocket Racing – Upcoming Mini

Following hot on the shuffling, groaning heels of its Age of Zombies announcement, Halfbrick has just announced its fourth mini, Rocket Racing, due for release at the end of February in the US for $4.99. The game first appeared on Xbox Live Indie Games last year, and now makes its way onto PSP and PS3 as a mini. Currently there are zero decent racing minis, but pretty much everything Halfbrick puts out is quality, and I really like the look of the trailer, reminds me of Micro Machines!

The game features 24 levels across Grand Prix, Challenge, Party and Quick Race modes, and players will need to brush up on their drifting and wall-boosting techniques in order to cross the finish line first and rack up record-breaking times. Here’s what Halfbrick had to say about the different gameplay modes:

Rocket Racing puts players in the sub-stratosphere on tracks suspended above the clouds and futuristic cities. Challenge mode features six tiers of unique racing and skill-based challenges, often featuring the signature “grinding” technique which is critical to achieving elite racing success. By adjusting the orientation of the racer against the walls, players can use rocket power to boost off at high speed as well as scoring points for longer and smoother grinds.

Grand Prix pits players against opponents in a series of races over four difficulty levels. Completionists can collect gold trophies as they race, and along with the Challenge mode, take steps to unlocking and winning every event in the game for the elusive 100% Award.

Finally, Party mode puts up to four players in the hotseat as they take turns setting and breaking each other’s score on a huge variety of tracks. Party mode even lets players customise how to win – be it with the fastest time, highest total or single grind score.


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9 Responses to “Halfbrick’s Rocket Racing – Upcoming Mini”
  1. prince caro 19 says:

    yep, this looks like one of the more epic minis.

    and i noticed 5h4d0w got no credit for his post a couple of days ago:
    did you just not notice it, or forget to?
    im sure you didnt purposely ignore it.

  2. Stranno says:

    There’s another mode “Party Mode”, 4 players hotseat

    No adhoc or infraestructure : – (

  3. prince caro 19 says:

    yeah, wireless multi player has always been against minis guidelines,
    imo it’s now obvious that it was because of the minis emulator on the ps3.

  4. djax says:

    I will buy it.

  5. koenigseggrocks says:

    Gonna buy it the day it comes out lol. hopefully it comes out tommorow………..

  6. djax says:

    It will not be tommorow, only in US store. In EU store it will be after months…as usualy…

  7. djax says:

    Hmm, not in US or EU store, its delayed (as usual)…

  8. koenigseggrocks says:

    Maybe today…..for the US at least….EU store doesn’t have it…sorry EUers :’(

  9. fr4nz says:

    It reminds me RocketZ on the amiga back in the days…

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