Alien Zombie Death Gets Release Date

alien-zombie-death-4Good news for those of us who’ve been looking forward to PomPom Games’ Alien Zombie Death mini. PomPom has just announced that the game will be available to download in next week’s European PlayStation Store update, on Thursday February 18th. No official word yet about release dates for any other territories, although Pocket Gamer says it’s due out in the US in the spring. PomPom describes Alien Zombie Death as “retro platform shoot-em-up madness”, with a host of bizarre space monster enemies, including “green slimy fiends, bullet burping blobbos, flying bats, demons and electric do-das” that the hapless dead spaceman hero must do battle with. These are the main features of the mini as listed on PomPom’s website:

  • Available on PSP minis
  • Intense survival gameplay
  • 14 planets/levels
  • Weapon power-ups
  • Bonus UFOs and Coin pickups
  • Medals awarded for achievements

One thing I don’t quite understand is why the spaceman is still bothering to fight the alien zombie hordes if he’s actually dead himself, but I’m sure that’ll all be sorted out in the wash next week. Roll on next Thursday!

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7 Responses to “Alien Zombie Death Gets Release Date”
  1. joe382 says:

    very nice to hear it will be out so soon. Can not wait for this one.

  2. prince caro 19 says:

    what is it about pspminis that makes developers want to make crazily insane zombie games?
    alien zombies! dinosaur zombies! theres no zombie limit on this platform!

  3. JeremyR says:

    They sell I guess. It’s like going to a bookstore these days, the Science Fiction section is 90% full of vampire/witch/demon/occult detective books.

    I can’t believe there hasn’t been a zombie tower defense game yet. There’s one in the works I know, but it seems to be one of those that vanished into the ether.

  4. djax says:

    Only 14 levels? Looks like I will finish it in few hours… :-( Any replayability?

  5. pspgamer01 says:

    if the privce is 3.99 euro it’s a good game but if it’s higher, i am starting doubt.

  6. djax says:

    I hope for price 1.99 euro

  7. djax says:

    I bought it, finish it during hour and what now? No replayability :-( , no “endless” mode…

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