Sony Reveals Rating Process for Minis

psp goDuring a presentation at GDC Austin, Sony has revealed how ratings for Minis will be handled.

While Minis will be available worldwide, they will be subject to individual rating reviews by each regions certification body, such as the ESRB in the US, PEGI across Europe and CRB in Australia.

The only downside of this is that it might cause release delays in some regions if a particular region takes longer to review and hand out a rating then others. I guess this would only be applicable if the developer hasn’t left enough time for the review process or the process gets caught up on a technicality in one region.

It’s highly unlikely that any mini might get rejected in one region and not another, but then again if a mini gets rated as 18+ Australia would miss out due to the CBR not having a rating for games above MA15+.

The good news for developers is that each certification body has apparently reduced their application fees for the byte sized games.

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2 Responses to “Sony Reveals Rating Process for Minis”
  1. MGO_Count says:

    This is common on retail games too. So yeah, dev’s for Mini’s should take care of this beforehand announcing official release dates.

  2. David Black says:

    I guess the ESRB will now be a good source for unannounced game information for Minis.

    I guess iPhone/mobile games aren’t currently rated by the ESRB then?

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