Halfbrick’s Age of Zombies – Upcoming Mini

How does the idea of a Halfbrick Zombie-blasting game grab ya? By the neck? Yes me, too! Fantastic news from the folks at Halfbrick, they’ve got another mini on the way, and it looks pretty awesome. This is what Halfbrick had to say about their forthcoming opus in possibly the funniest press release I’ve read in a long time:

“We didn’t want to kill zombies in the usual way. We didn’t want to survive a deadly undead army in the ruins of some scary-ass town. We wanted to travel through time and shoot zombie dinosaurs and mummies and junk. So we created Age of Zombies!”


The press release goes on to explain that the Halfbrick team actually travelled back in time, like, for real, in the interests of research, visiting ancient Japanese villages and the pyramids in Egypt. So dedicated, we owe them our thanks, those brave boys and girls.

Now they are back in 2010, and about to unleash Age of Zombies and time-travelling zombie-hunting hero Barry Steakfries on the world.

Age of Zombies will be available on February 25th, for $4.99, so looks like the US store will be getting another cool mini!


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10 Responses to “Halfbrick’s Age of Zombies – Upcoming Mini”
  1. Raymond says:

    Very funny and cool game! I am looking forward to this one!

  2. djax says:

    Graphics is too simple, I prefer Dracula, its very similar minis, but with better graphics…

  3. David Black says:

    Halfbrick has 2 of the best minis on the PSN so if this matches the quality of their other releases then it will be a must-buy title.

  4. Jeff says:

    I can’t wait! This is defiantly gonna be a great time waster. It’ll be like Burn zombie burn, only portable and with more features!

  5. joe382 says:

    yeah looks fun, I wish burn zombie burn came out though.

  6. prince caro 19 says:

    im actually a little suprised there hasnt been a psp port of bzb yet,
    youd barely even have to change the controls since its not a twin stick shooter, and the graphics would be easy enough for the psp to handle.
    anyway, back on topic.
    this game looks really good,
    ive never thought about shooting time traveling zombies, i think its genius!

  7. Jeff says:

    @prince caro 19
    The PSP wouldn’t be able to handle over 100 zombies on screen at the same time all on fire and with blood all over the ground.

  8. The Lam says:

    I can’t wait for this! I love the visual style!

  9. Wookie says:

    will this be released on australia?if it will be released,when will it be released?correct me if im wrong but i guess the psn store in australia is following the europe one,..

  10. pspgamer01 says:

    this looks very shildish comparing to undead dracula!

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