PSP Minis May Get Multiplayer in the Future, and Are Patchable

MinisDestructoid recently spoke to Eric Lempel, the Director of PlayStation Network Operations and Strategic Planning, who had this to say about the lack of multiplayer and software updates for PSP minis.

“So you can patch Minis,” he said when questioned about the situation, “but we won’t have multiplayer functions in the beginning. Basically, to get these developers on board, and to make it easier to test and get it through the pipeline, we won’t be allowing that functionality for the first stage of Minis.”

“It’s something we will consider in the future,” he added, referring to the possibility of game updates and multiplayer in future PSP Mini titles.

While this is good news, it seems obvious to the rest of the world that if they really want minis to be compared, and compete, with the Apple App store then multiplayer should be an inevitability, not a possibility.

On the other hand some think the whole uproar surrounding lack of multiplayer isn’t even valid. They argue that if developers really want multiplayer then they can still choose to release their game as a fully fledged PlayStation Network Game, and just price it as low as mini.

I personally think that it should be up to the developer to decide if they want to lengthen the QA process by including multiplayer, or speed it up by leaving it out.

Also the news that Minis are patchable is great. It didn’t make sense that this wouldn’t be an option.

Share your thoughts below.

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4 Responses to “PSP Minis May Get Multiplayer in the Future, and Are Patchable”
  1. MGO_Count says:

    Yay Multiplayer. Also, what game is that on the 2nd PSP?

  2. Chris says:

    The 2nd PSP is showing Feildrunners a highly polished and fun tower defence game already out on the iPhone

  3. Sounds to me like they want to keep the “minis” approval process as cheap and fast as possible. Having two different approval processes allow more flexibility in how to create and release games for the PSP..

  4. mauistrife says:

    wait a minute,is sony that stupid?so what youre telling me now is that the psp went to being a portable psp to a stupid app player that you can find in the iphone thing?thats stupid sony,so then i can say good bye to all the great games that are supposed to be for the psp and wait a bunch of flash games that i can download ewasily from negreounds?thx sony,i think im gonna buy a home console then,the psp its starting to suck everytime

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