Vector TD – Upcoming Mini

VectorTD-2Following on from our recent news story about Candyland’s forthcoming VectorTD mini, they’ve just updated us with some fresh details about the game. First and most importantly of all the game now has an official release date of January 21st in the European store. There’s no word yet about a US release date as the game has to go through a separate approval process with SCEA, but Candystand are shooting for some time in February. This is what Candystand Community manager Robin Yang had to say about the game:

The mini game will include all eight maps included with the original VTD game, as well as all the towers and upgrades you can access. Instead of clicking and dragging towers with your mouse (or finger, as in the iPhone version), you’ll select a ‘spot’ with arrows and then select which tower you’d like to place/upgrade – we actually like this control scheme a ton!

Fieldrunners has already proved that quality Tower Defence games can make great minis, so let’s hope Vector TD continues that winning streak!

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2 Responses to “Vector TD – Upcoming Mini”
  1. Gareth Myles says:

    Fantastic game, hours of play here!

  2. Wow I’m excited for this one. Fieldrunners is great looking and fun but the strategy element isn’t as sephisticated as the TD Vector games. The added element of earning interest on what you don’t spend per round changes everything.

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