World PlayStation Store Update—24th July 2013


There are four new PlayStation Mobile games in the Store this week.

Chaos Rings is a very popular mobile RPG.

Attack of the Mutants is an arcade shooter.

fishFishFISH is a puzzler.

Roll in the Hole is a roller-platformer!

PlayStation Mobile

  • Chaos Rings ($7.99, £6.49)
  • Attack of the Mutants ($0.49, £0.40)
  • fishFishFISH ($0.99, £0.79)
  • Roll in the Hole ($1.49)
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2 Responses to “World PlayStation Store Update—24th July 2013”
  1. O says:

    Heh, Roll in the Hole. Rated AO. :)

  2. AxelMill98 says:

    I only see Chaos Rings. Not that I complain.

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