Tokyo Jungle Mobile Gameplay Video

O didn’t like the original Tokyo Jungle game for the PS3, but the spin-off seems more enjoyable.

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4 Responses to “Tokyo Jungle Mobile Gameplay Video”
  1. CK says:

    I’ve really been enjoying Tokyo Jungle but I am a little upset that it isn’t pick-up and play friendly. I was playing on the bus and had to get off and the only option is to give up or put the Vita to sleep. No quick save? On a game where I’m supposed to last 100 years? Really?

  2. O says:

    Quick save would kind of make things a little too easy. As you play the sense of pressure to stay alive continually builds. It’s what aids in how you play the game. Your killer instinct kicks in the more you play. Food becomes sparse. The environment becomes toxic at times. You’re constantly choosing between fight or flight. That immersion gets taken away if you can just save where you are and come back at a convenient time. It’s no longer about the struggle and pressure to stay alive, it’ becomes about playing until you feel like playing something else.

  3. CK says:

    I’m not going to argue with you there O. It’s a great game for sure, just not one for the bus! Thanks for the awesome video by the way! Keep it up!

  4. O says:

    You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

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