June’s Best Selling Minis & PS Mobile Titles in North America


SCEA releases lists of the best selling games on PSN once a month. Last month they didn’t include Minis, but this month they make up for it by giving a top ten list.

Best Selling Minis
1. The Impossible Game
2. Monopoly
3. Jetpack Joyride + 150K Coins
4. Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter
5. Zombie Racers
6. PAC-MAN Championship Edition
7. N.O.V.A.
8. One Epic Game
9. HISTORY Ice Road Truckers
10. Bloons TD

Both lists are kind of strange. Some titles are deserving, but most aren’t.

(thanks to onmode-ky for spotting this)

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5 Responses to “June’s Best Selling Minis & PS Mobile Titles in North America”
  1. Freelance says:

    I am happy to see Dinosaur Hunter is still getting lots of love.

  2. O says:

    People can’t complain about all the crap on PSM if they are just going to keep getting it.

  3. AxelMill98 says:

    *Stares at the top 5 PSM titles*
    What the heck?

  4. CK says:

    I was totally on the same page as you Axel, but then I remembered that PSM games are also for tablet and phones that run android so seeing non-games up there isn’t too too surprising. I only get the games on my Vita so I too thought, WTF!?

  5. Freelance says:

    Hey, The Labyrinth is pretty good, you guys. Dunno about the other four.

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