Beyond the Horizon—July 8th, 2013


Beyond the Horizon is our weekly look at games coming out sometime in the future. Perhaps this week? Perhaps next month? We don’t really know when they are due out (in many cases, neither does the developer), but we do know they are in the works.

Last week was pretty quiet, just Pickbox and a calculator. It’s funny, no one announces their calculator application. Or releases a trailer for it. This week we should at least get iBomber Defense and probably the PS Mobile version of Tokyo Jungle, which seems to be more of a tactical or strategy RPG than the original game.

If we are missing any titles or information, let us know! Don’t be shy, more information about your game can only help in the long run.

PlayStation Mobile

  • iBomber Defense – Chillingo (WW2-themed Tower Defense, releasing July 10th)
  • Tokyo Jungle – Sony (Dogfighting SRPG, releasing July 10th? Possibly $3.99 this week, then $6.99 afterwards).
  • Roll in the Hole – Chillingo (Panda-themed puzzle platformer, releasing July 24th)
  • Little Acorns – Chillingo (Squirrel-themed platformer, releasing August 7th. Probably just the basic version of the game, not the “Super Turbo 3D” version on the 3DS)
  • Hermit Crab in Space – Golden Ruby Games (Space Shooter, submitted for release)
  • Attack of the Mutants – Liquid Games (Twin stick shooter, submitted for release)
  • Shuttle Quest 2000 – TACS Games (Space RPG? with Game Boy-style graphics)
  • Don’t Wake the Bear – Backpedal Games (Hot Potato but with a bear)
  • Ten by Eight – Action Button Entertainment (Puzzle Game)
  • Crumble – Team Snakessss (Puzzle Platformer)
  • WW2: Hills of Glory – Advanced Mobile Applications (Defense game?)
  • Crystallon – Team Dozen Eyes (Match-3 Game)
  • Magic Planet Snack Deluxe – Wolfgame (Puzzle Game, coming “soon.” Targeting release in all PSM countries)
  • NeoSnake – Tim Collins/Liquid Games (Snake-style game)
  • YASHIKI: The Residence – NiaProject (Puzzle Adventure)
  • Sully: A Very Serious RPG – Breadbrothers (Comedic RPG)
  • Subaku – Eric Koziol (Puzzle Game)
  • Oh, Deer! – Necrosoft (Comedic Driving Game)
  • Gunhouse – Necrosoft (Alien Invasion Simulation)
  • Positron – Retroburn Game Studios (Racing)
  • Eufloria Adventures – Omni Systems (Gently Poetic Roguelike with a much more powerful message than most games attempt)
  • Neko Rush – Alex McGilvray (Cat Endless Runner)
  • Out There Somewhere – Stairs Studio/Studio MiniBoss (Retro Puzzle Platformer)
  • Treachery in Beatdown City – Shawn Allen (Episodic Retro Brawler)
  • Golden Nights – Wolfgame (RPG? Platformer? Targeting release in all PSM countries)
  • Quiet Christmas – Nostatic (Holiday-themed adventure game, planned for holiday release)
  • MagicBall – anmabagima (Magical ball game involving wizards, due near end of year. Releasing US and Europe)
  • Memento Mori – Kadji100 (Old School Jump-and-Run like the old Metroid/Castlevania. Release countries unknown, but will be in German, English, and Japanese)
  • Shadows – KamRandle (Action/Adventure Stealth Game)
  • Space Lift Danger Panic! – Springloaded (Space Rescue Game)
  • Nuclien – Springloaded (Counting Game)
  • Level Pack for Penguin Party – XMPT Games

PlayStation Minis

  • Bug fix for recent Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter content patch – Beatshapers

Vita-Native Games of Interest

  • Coconut Dodge Revitalized – FuturLab (Vita-native update of their Mini Coconut Dodge. Should release in North America July 9th)
  • BreakQuest: Extra Evolution Freemium – Beatshapers (Vita-native update of their Mini, BreakQuest: Extra Evolution. Should release in July)
  • Atomic Ninja – Grip Games (Beat ‘em-up from one of the more prolific Minis developers)
  • Fieldrunners 2 – Subatomic Studios (Tower defense game, sequel to one of the first Minis released)
  • Vacant Sky: Awakening – Project BC (Formerly planned as a PS Mobile Episodic RPG, it now has been changed to a Vita-native title)
  • Zrun – Beatshapers (3D running game from one of the most prolific Minis developers)
  • Vektor Wars – Super Icon (Wireframe FPS from popular Minis developer)
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2 Responses to “Beyond the Horizon—July 8th, 2013”
  1. O says:

    Tokyo Jungle Mobile is $2.99 until it goes up to $5.99. You’re a dollar to expensive. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that to a girl…

    Vektor Wars looks cool.

  2. Anon says:

    I find the trailers by Springloaded hilarious.

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