BreakQuest: Extra Evolution Freemium Announced

Strictly speaking, we already knew that a Vita-native version of the excellent BreakQuest: Extra Evolution from Beatshapers was in the works. But now we know some more details.

Firstly, it should be out this month, and secondly, it will be a “freemium” title. Which can be good or bad, depending on how it’s done. At any rate, the original was one of my all-time favorite Minis, so I’m hopeful it will find a bigger audience this way.

Edit: More on the “freemium” aspect:

We decided to release game as freemium, users able to buy ball packs (exactly as in the pinball) – 100, 200, 500, inifite balls unlock DLC also available. The game comes with 33 free balls to play. The purchases balls kept in the save data so game not require constant internet connection but you have to keep your save data.

(thanks to Alexey of Beatshapers for stopping by with this info)

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3 Responses to “BreakQuest: Extra Evolution Freemium Announced”
  1. JeremyR says:

    Bah, the Vimeo embed code wasn’t working right. Will replace it with a youtube one eventually.

  2. AxelMill98 says:

    It depends on how much the balls cost.

  3. Alexey Menshikov says:

    Official announce and blogpost to follow, sorry very busy with opening new PSV project
    We have 3 packs:
    100 – 1.99 (USD or EU, depends on territory)
    200 – 2.99
    500- 3.99

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