World PlayStation Store Update—26th June 2013


Eight new PlayStation Mobile games this week.

Runner is an arcade survival racer.

Sea Run is a runner with Game Boy-like graphics.

Seeker looks like a collectathon/survival game.

Cytus Lambda is a music game.

Feed Me Oil is a puzzler.

Mononoke Slashdown is a beat(slash) ‘em-up.

Floribund is a match-3 game.

Bike Rider DX is a runner using a bicycle!

PlayStation Mobile

  • Runner ($0.49, £0.40, ¥50)
  • Sea Run ($0.49, £0.40, ¥50)
  • Seeker ($0.49, £0.40, ¥50)
  • Cytus Lambda (Free)
  • Feed Me Oil ($1.49)
  • Floribund ($0.49, £0.40)
  • Mononoke Slashdown ($4.49, £3.69)
  • Bike Rider DX ($5.99, £4.79)

Minis Bundles (NA and EU)

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6 Responses to “World PlayStation Store Update—26th June 2013”
  1. O says:

    Save the money and skip right over Monoke Slashdown. High production value hides insanely repetitive gameplay.

  2. CK says:

    When you guys list a game as “Free” could you also let us know if there is an eventual cost (example: sword of rapier & cytus lambda)?

  3. onmode-ky says:

    Well, all the free games have so-called “in-app purchases.” There’s no way to put ads in PSM games so far, so if the developers are going to get any money out of their work, there has to be something in the game that’s available for purchase. So, if you see a new game show up as “Free” (and not specifically just “free for PS+” or something similar), I think it’s safe to assume there will be for-money content somewhere within.

    I think Penguin Party is the only game where the for-money bit is purely cosmetic.

    While we’re on the topic of pricing, I think putting a bunch of things at 49 cents is a bad move (and I realize that final pricing is being set by Sony in the case of PSM). The lower your average price goes, the more consumers expect things should be that price, and the lower they value games in general. I thought it was plenty low enough (i.e., too low already) to have 99-cent games, but now we’re doing half that? Maybe we really will see A Space Shooter for 2 Cents! someday.

  4. CK says:

    I totally understand your point regarding free, but the way I see it is that the two games I mentioned are basically free as a demo (first few songs free or first level free). As such there is a single buy in price instead of in-app purchases. I don’t mean to split hairs, I was just wondering if games like that could have a price listed.

    Also, I think Jetpack Joyride for the Vita is free and any cost is for in game currency that can be earned by playing the game.

  5. O says:

    Problem with that is there is no way to know how much the full game costs until you download it. Publishers releasing that info, instead of holding onto it like a family secret, would be a big time saver.

  6. AxelMill98 says:

    @ CK
    Jetpack is a Vita game, with trophies, so I’m not sure if that qualifies.
    Oh, and JJ now costs 1 $/£/€. Luckily I downloaded it for free.

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