Mononoke Slashdown Trailer Released

This is only for Japan for now, but this upcoming PS Mobile game from F K Digital looks pretty awesome.

Edit: Apparently this is actually the Mononoke Slashdown game which has already been released. D’oh!

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6 Responses to “Mononoke Slashdown Trailer Released”
  1. O says:

    It’s available here now. It’s called MononokeSlashdown. It’s $4.49. I’m currently broke so I haven’t gotten it yet, but I will in a couple of days.

    It looks a lot better in motion. The screens on the Store make it look like crap.

  2. JeremyR says:

    Thanks for that correction.

    And I hope the in game text is better than the English on their website.

  3. O says:

    If it’s on par with Sword of Rapier then expect a few WTF moments.

  4. Sniper D. Luffy says:

    Muramasa ripoff….think i’ll get it….soon….since i’m not getting mine till 7/1…. >_>

  5. O says:

    Yup, there are some WTF moments. It’s like Twin Blades, but faster.

  6. O says:

    Wow! This game is not fun. Should have stuck with my gut.

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