OMG HD Zombies! Released in Europe


Laughing Jackal’s third incarnation of their zombie-killing game, OMG HD Zombies!, has just been released in Europe.

It started off as a Mini (OMG-Z), then became a PS Mobile game (OMG-Zombies), and is now a fully fledged native Vita game with Trophies and touch control. Soon perhaps a line of clothing, or maybe even a cereal (OMG Zombie-Os)?

Well, probably not, but it’s a good game, and this should be the best version of it.

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One Response to “OMG HD Zombies! Released in Europe”
  1. JeremyR says:

    Though come to think of it, vampires, ghosts, and even Frankenstein’s monster had their own cereal. Why not zombies?

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