RushCat Review—Don’t Purr Him Down As Arrogant


We only got a handful of running games in the Minis program, but we’ve already seen a whole bunch in PlayStation Mobile, most of them involving cats. The latest, RushCat from developer HorngYeuan Digital, is different from the others I’ve played. In a lot of ways, it’s actually more like a puzzle game than a running game.

Rather than running endlessly, your goal is to grab a certain amount of cat treats before reaching the finish line. Each level (there are 30) is created by hand, not procedurally generated, so it’s a matter of figuring out the best places to jump to gather enough treats and beat the level.


The other big difference is how you play it. Rather than control the cat directly, you control the terrain he runs over. Want him to jump? You create a sharply inclined hill. This is done by pressing on the screen where you want the hill to go, then dragging upwards.

Simply making hills for him to reach the treats isn’t enough, at least past the first few stages. More and more complications occur. For instance, there are birds flying that will grab the cat if they get close enough, and they carry him for a little while, causing him to miss treats. There are also poison pills which don’t kill the cat but apparently make him sick enough for a little while, so he can’t jump, again causing him to miss treats.

On the flip side, there are also occasional power-ups to help you. One makes the cat run really fast, which makes him jump higher, but the most useful is one that turns him into a giant kitty. Like that, he doesn’t even need to jump much to grab the treats. There are also springy platforms to hit which catapult him up into the sky.

Three different types of terrain.

Three different types of terrain.

While the game only has 30 different levels, there are 3 different types of terrain. Unfortunately, though, your progression through those levels is totally linear, as only one new level is unlocked at a time. So if you get stuck on a level, you’re stuck in the game. This is especially annoying as the difficulty ramps up quite suddenly; it’s fairly easy until the 9th level, but then it gets surprisingly hard, then gets easy again for a while. You are also rated on each completed level from one to three stars, depending on how many treats you grabbed. You don’t seem to get anything special for having all three stars, though.

The graphics are simple, but well done with some nice touches, like a whole lot of loading screens. Also just really, really cute, as is the music. The background graphics also help provide reference points to plan your jumps, which is very helpful.

The loading screens are adorable.

The loading screens are adorable.

RushCat caught me by surprise, to be honest. I was dreading having to play another running game, yet I had quite a lot of fun with it. On the downside, there aren’t all that many levels, and the difficulty curve is more like a spike, with no way to skip levels. But aside from that, it’s a lot of fun while it lasts, and it’s certainly cheap enough.


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2 Responses to “RushCat Review—Don’t Purr Him Down As Arrogant”
  1. parv says:

    is that game for vita?

  2. parv says:

    i meant:only for vita?

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