Penguin Party Hits 10,000 Downloads!


The free-to-play title Penguin Party from XMPT Games reached 10,000 downloads as of last Monday.

If you haven’t given it a try, you should. It’s a fun puzzle game similar to the puzzle mode of ChuChu Rocket!. While they intend to sell additional level packs later on, right now the game is basically entirely free, with the only in-app purchase being a “Thank You.” Which is simply just that, a way to pay the developers if you enjoyed the game, though it also gives you a top hat for your penguins.

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4 Responses to “Penguin Party Hits 10,000 Downloads!”
  1. AxelMill98 says:

    I WANT IIIIT!!!!!

  2. JeremyR says:

    If only it weren’t such a pain to switch accounts on the Vita, you could make a UK account pretty easily.

  3. onmode-ky says:

    I still have never used my Asia-region account on my PSV. I wonder what the PSM selection there is like. Maybe I should finally look into how to (safely) do the account switch.

  4. Sniper D. Luffy says:


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