Laughing Jackal Releases OMG HD Zombies!/OMG-Z Comparison Screens


As you hopefully know, Laughing Jackal is bringing one of their most popular Minis, OMG-Z, to the Vita as a native game, renamed “OMG HD Zombies!“. They also re-released it earlier as a PlayStation Mobile title under the name “OMG-Zombies.”

Perhaps one of the big pitfalls in a project like this is why should someone buy the game for a third time? Well, besides some additional features, improved graphics is a selling point, so they released a bunch of comparison screens. Okay, on a screen the size of the Vita’s, the difference might not be all that great, but you can still notice it.

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2 Responses to “Laughing Jackal Releases OMG HD Zombies!/OMG-Z Comparison Screens”
  1. Al Evans says:

    Hey Jeremy and everyone else.

    Thanks for picking this up and running the story. We are still not the greatest at promoting our games, so thanks very much for the leg-up. :)

    Also, Velocity Ultra is out today. Woohoo! Congrats to everyone at FuturLab. :)

  2. onmode-ky says:

    Good to see you again here, Al!

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