Nekomimimusumega Sekainohatemade Sanmawotabeniikuno DADADA Review—That’s About As Exciting As It Gets


For the sake of time and sanity, I will be referring to the game as “Neko Sekai Sanma.”

Extremely long name aside, Neko Sekai Sanma is an extremely bright, upbeat runner developed by Japanese developer Satoshi Hamano. The full title translates to “the cat-eared girl who goes to the ends of the world to eat mackerel,” or some such thing. The game is an infinite runner that does one or two things differently, but at the end of the day does nothing of note and isn’t very fun.

Nothing suspicious about a cat-eared girl running through the streets of Japan, eating mackerel. Nothing at all.

Nothing suspicious about a cat-eared girl running through the streets of Japan eating mackerel. Nothing at all.

In Neko Sekai Sanma, you play as an unnamed cat-eared girl, who apparently decided she was going to run around the city and eat whatever mackerel she finds. These mackerel are as much of a conundrum as the cat-eared girl, because they just float about in places where you would usually never find them. Rooftops, air conditioning units, fences; just magically floating about in the air.

Instead of running from left to right, Neko Sekai Sanma is a runner that goes from right to left. I believe that has more to do with how pages are read from right to left in Japan than with being an actual design choice. As you run, you avoid a variety of such obstacles as traffic cones, “under construction” signs, hurdles, strange-looking dogs, and a few other things that shouldn’t be lying around, while eating any mackerel you can get your paws on. Eating mackerel fills your hunger meter, and as long as you have energy in the tank, you can keep running. When you’re full, you can sprint on all fours. Sprinting makes you invincible, but when time is up, your hunger meter takes a hit. The hungrier you are, the slower you move, until you are no longer able to continue.

The Hunger Games for a newer generation.

The Hunger Games for a newer generation.

Visually, Neko Sekai Sanma features ridiculously bright, hand-drawn artwork that looks cute. I don’t think I can stress enough how bright the game is. The game features a few music tracks that are as upbeat as the visuals are bright. But when the song changes, it causes the only technical problem of the game: lag. For a brief period before a new song starts, the game freezes. Fortunately, the game doesn’t require much skill or precision, so it won’t affect your gameplay.

Even though the bright colors and upbeat music may potentially put you in a feelgood mood, the game just isn’t very fun. It’s not bad in the sense that it did something wrong, or is flawed in every way. It just doesn’t do anything that you probably haven’t done before, a common problem with PlayStation Mobile. You run, you starve, you repeat. The game’s title may make you question if you really can read as well as you thought you could, and the game may not be very fun, but at least you get to look at a cute cat-eared girl for the one or two times you will play it. Mew.


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3 Responses to “Nekomimimusumega Sekainohatemade Sanmawotabeniikuno DADADA Review—That’s About As Exciting As It Gets”
  1. onmode-ky says:

    About this post’s title tag, I left the review title the same 4-word construct as what’s shown in the PS Store for the game, but I’m keeping the title tag as the 14-word construct that more properly breaks it into equivalent English words and grammatical particles. That may allow people to find this review in their search results for either rendering of the title.

    As for the developer tag, the PS Store lists it under Satoshi Hamano, but the Store entry’s copyright info, as well as the “Presented by” text shown above in the game’s title screen, say, “DAx3 Seisaku Iinkai” (that’s a capital ‘i’ on the last word, not a lower case ‘L’), which means “DAx3 Production Committee.” This might be like the “Thomas Hopper” < => “TACS Games” equivalence. I do wonder if this means all their/his games will have “DADADA” in the titles.

    I changed “wet floor” to “under construction” to match the screenshot, but I let you keep “mackerel” even though sanma isn’t really mackerel. :)

  2. JeremyR says:

    Apparently that problem with the freezing when it loads music is a problem with PS Mobile

  3. Sniper D. Luffy says:

    should’ve had some upgrades and such like JJ

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