OMG HD Zombies! Announced for Vita


Today, Laughing Jackal revealed OMG HD Zombies!, a Vita remake of their well-loved Mini, OMG-Z. The studio confirmed in January that they have three Vita titles planned, and OMG HD Zombies! will mark the second of these.


The remake (or “wholly revamped full-blooded Vita homage,” says Laughing Jackal) will feature fully redrawn graphics, touchscreen controls (optional), new zombie types, extra levels, new death animations, new upgrades, new comics, and a prestige mode. It sounds like a drastic improvement from October’s fairly bare-bones PlayStation Mobile port, and it took four times longer than the original to develop, according to a comment posted by Alasdair Evans, Senior Producer at Laughing Jackal.

Laughing Jackal, a small indie studio in Essex, UK, was one of the most prolific developers on the Minis platform, publishing ten Minis in total, including Cubixx, the Fighting Fantasy games, and Hungry Giraffe, among others. Their Minis have frequently ranked highly in Minis sales charts, and many have received strong critical acclaim. OMG-Z is the only Mini to place in Metacritic’s top ten highest-scoring PSP games of all time.


Our own Jasper Nikki loved the original OMG-Z, rating it a 9.5/10 in his review, declaring, “Even if you are sick and mad with the horde of zombie games already, OMG-Z’s brilliance will lighten your stance.”

Jasper also wrote our review of the PlayStation Mobile version (renamed “OMG-Zombies“), and he knocked a few marks off the game’s score for being essentially identical to the Minis version, giving it a 6.5/10, saying this:

OMG-Zombies is still a highly addictive game, as it retains everything from the Minis version. My feelings for this one haven’t changed the second time around fiddling with it. As with the failed one true love, the emotions will never ever fizzle. However, stare hard at them, look at them for exactly what they are. You’ll see, we deserve better.

PSPMinis won’t publish a review of OMG HD Zombies!, but we wish Laughing Jackal the best with this game, since they earned their place as one of our favorite Minis developers after making so many great games.

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4 Responses to “OMG HD Zombies! Announced for Vita”
  1. Christopher Delgado says:

    Love the first one, looking forward for the HD remake. But why arent you guys going to review this version? Man one game I want from the PSP library to come back for Vita is “Infected” I loved that kick ass Zombie game, and the awesome Metal soundtrack on it.

  2. Aaron Jean says:

    Well, I don’t suppose it’s out of the realm of possibility, but at the moment it’s our policy to focus only on PS Mobile and (in the past) PS Minis.

    It wasn’t without some discussion that we recently decided to start reporting HD Remakes and the future projects of former Minis devs, so I don’t think it’s likely we’ll start to review them.

  3. onmode-ky says:

    Aaron, I sent you a PSN message about this post . . . before I noticed that you hadn’t signed into PSN in nearly a month. Can you do so and check your messages? Unless you haven’t signed in because you’ve lost your PS3, too. . . .

  4. Aaron Jean says:

    I’ve never owned a PS3 for myself, though. I used to live with my mom, and she has one for the family, but now I’m living in Montreal, so I haven’t touched a PS3 in a while(not since Christmas, anyway).

    So no, at the moment I don’t have access to PSN messages, sadly. You can always drop me an email.

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