SAKURA Promotional Trailer #1 Released

I’m guessing this is one of those games that might not leave Japan. But you never know. It’s from Emily & Charlotte Lounge, who may be actual people or the name of a company. At any rate, I see them posting a lot on the official PlayStation Mobile forums, so they seem to know their stuff.

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4 Responses to “SAKURA Promotional Trailer #1 Released”
  1. O says:

    If the goal of this trailer was to make me feel like James Bond was somewhere nearby about to have unprotected gatherings for the umpteenth time, with another chick he just brushed against in a setting filled with notorious international criminals, then mission accomplished.

  2. PSNStores says:

    From reading their site, the game will be in Japanese and English. So expect to see it atleast on the UK and US stores.

    They are planning to make it free, with $1 to unlock all modes.

  3. onmode-ky says:

    I changed the title to “SAKURA,” because the end of the trailer indicates the “sakura” word is actually a shortening of the full title, SAicoro-puzzle KURA:ssic. FYI, “kura:ssic” is a deformation of the English word “classic,” and “saikoro” is Japanese for “die/dice.” So, it’s “dice puzzle classic.”

  4. Sniper D. Luffy says:

    i want this and i don’t know why…

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