QuizQuizQuiz Review—YesYesYes!


I don’t usually play quiz video games since I find them boring and, most of the time, repetitive. Not repetitive in the sense that you are only answering questions for their gameplay, but for the fact that later on, the game would just repeat the same questions over and over even after you’d mastered them.

Four Door Lemon’s QuizQuizQuiz seems to have a huge database to its repertoire, since I’ve yet to answer the same question twice. There isn’t much to talk about with games like these, but if you are into pop quizzes, or want to widen your basic knowledge on various subjects, QuizQuizQuiz is a good purchase and is one of the few gems in the PlayStation Mobile lineup that is worth checking out.

The presentation is basic but not ugly. It is just blue all over the place with moving icons in the background. The strongest technical part of the game is the music, because there is nothing being played! There is this background music in the menu, but in the gameplay proper, it is all silent until you choose your answer, whereupon there will be a “tap” sound.


There is a selection of question sets depending on language (English having five variants: UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, and International). There are sets for German, Spanish, French, and Italian players. Before starting each session, you can customize any aspect available for that mode, like time limit and the difficulty settings.

There are five game modes. Two are single-player experiences, QuizMaster and Beat the Clock. QuizMaster follows the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? template with three “lifelines.” However, only 50/50 appears from Millionaire, the other two being new assists, freezing the timer and waving the white flag (skip the question). Unlike Millionaire, QuizMaster is not sudden death, but instead you are given three lives, meaning you have two chances to be wrong. Beat the Clock is the “Time Attack” of the quiz world, where you just answer as many questions correctly as you can within the time constraints. There are no lifelines.

The other three modes are pass-and-play. Buzzer is like a quiz show where you and your opponent must press the buzzer first in order to answer a question. You are given lives and ugly, ugly avatars! They are just plain ugly, with no shading, and can be done using your basic paint application—well, I’ve seen better drawings using Paint Park. Passaround is the usual pass-and-play session without many features, just like the Challenge Mode. The difference between the two is that Passaround gives the players different questions while Challenge presents the same questions.


Here it goes, the game is priced at $2.99 (as of this moment in the PlayStation Store) but is $0.99 in the App Store. Doesn’t make sense unless there are enhancements in the PSM version that I don’t know about. Regardless of the price, QuizQuizQuiz may not last you a lifetime, but it will last you a long while.


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