Switch Galaxy Review—9.1/10 and You’re Welcome

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I care about your time so much that I just saved you five minutes. Five minutes you could be putting towards playing this awesome game. Time that you can be using to earn the currency you need to upgrade the look and performance of your sexy pile of billions of research and development dollars: the Evolver.

Switch Galaxy, like most PlayStation Mobile games, just popped up out of nowhere. But great things usually do that. Before its release, there were a few low-production-value throw-togethers released, the kind of games such that, regardless of them being good or bad, you deserved a cookie just for being open-minded enough to try them. Switch Galaxy couldn’t be any further from that. Awesome graphics, great gameplay, solid soundtrack. Not much is wrong with Switch Galaxy, and the good folks at Atomicom deserve a cookie or two themselves.

One of the few times you should look and touch.

One of the few times you should look and touch.

In Switch Galaxy, you are tasked with producing a special metal necessary to create a jump drive (think warp drive from Star Trek). This metal can only be produced by traveling at incredibly fast speeds. The only thing capable of moving fast enough to create this metal is the Evolver. You must pilot the Evolver from city to city as fast as possible, generating the metal needed until you reach your final destination. Once there, the jump drive will be finished and then attached to the Evolver, allowing you to jump from city to city.

It’s obvious from the start that Switch Galaxy was developed with touch controls in mind. It’s not a big deal, but it is something to consider when you are deciding how you want to play. I personally found it easier to maneuver the Evolver with the shoulder buttons, but I’m a button man. Buttons feel right to me. Touching left or right on the screen will have the Evolver move in that direction. It works great either way, though. Visually, the game just attacks your eyes with its WipEout-like graphics. Very impressive for a PSM title. You can never say enough about what the Vita’s screen does for a game with good graphics. Accompanying the responsive controls and attractive visuals is the game’s cool, albeit limited, techno soundtrack that also takes cues from WipEout.

Survival of the expensive.

Survival of the expensive.

The game features two modes, Mission and Survival. Mission is where you will be fulfilling your duty of breaking every speed law known to man. Survival is just that. You keep going until you turn your machine into an extremely expensive smoke signal. No leaderboards, and for some, that could be counted as a negative. The game’s real faults lie in two other places: load times and your inability to redo a run you just completed in the Mission Mode. Load times aren’t terrible, but you definitely notice them. The biggest fault, though, is how Mission Mode is set up. You can’t redo a run you just completed. So if you feel like you can do better or maybe want to redo it a few times to farm currency, you can’t. You either have to go back to the previous city or move on to the next one. This can pose a problem if you find yourself unable to avoid the barriers and enemies because you lack the dexterity necessary to avoid them. If you can’t make it to a city fast enough you have to keep moving back and forth between two prior cities to save up money. If you are barely making it to the next place as is, it can be a pain to redo previous runs.

But those little annoyances aside, Switch Galaxy is a very welcomed addition to the PSM lineup. It looks and plays great, as well as having the rare characteristic of replayability. The only thing missing is a female pilot with DOA physics.


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11 Responses to “Switch Galaxy Review—9.1/10 and You’re Welcome”
  1. onmode-ky says:

    “sexy pile”

    I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that one.

    Does the game dynamically generate obstacles and enemies, or is it more like Trailblazer, where you’re navigating a preset track layout as fast as possible?

    “The only thing missing is a female pilot with DOA physics.”

    Well, I’d say physics don’t really matter for something just lying there, dead on arrival. ;)

  2. Aaron Jean says:


    Decimal scores? We can do that?

  3. onmode-ky says:

    I think we draw the line at irrational numbers. Definitely no imaginary or complex numbers.

  4. AG Awesome says:

    Isnt there a game on the Mini’s program that is exactly the same as this? Where youre switching between tracks or something?

  5. Rinkydink says:

    Survival is randomly generated, mission mode is preset layouts, with multiple routes on each track, usually a high risk superfast one, a cash earning one and an easier slower one.

    Trailblazer was somewhat like this, but less speedy and more about puzzling, working out which blocks to ride over to get to the next section. This game is ridiculous at its highest speeds, and is totally based around twitch game skills and quick decision making/colour recognition.

    I have one challenge level left to do to complete Switch Galaxy, it’s the last one where you need to get to 8000m, and it is kicking my ass. My eyes, they do not comprehend such speeds…

    Also, If you are stuck in Mission mode, the currency you get for hitting milestones in Survival carries over back to Mission mode, so you can do that rather than ping back and forth along a familiar route.

  6. O says:

    Rinky has you guys covered.

    That last challenge is the only one I haven’t been able to do either. I make it to around 5,300-5800m and I just can’t keep up anymore. The furthest I’ve made it was around 6300m.

    I usually wouldn’t bother with a decimal score, but the game, to me, is a bit better than a 9 but not a 10. 9.1 just felt right.

  7. Aaron Jean says:

    Oh, and I think this is an error:

    “Not much is wrong with Switch Force, and the good folks at Atomicom deserve a cookie or two themselves.”

    Switch Force?

  8. O says:

    The whole time I was writing the review I kept telling myself to not call it Switch Force. One slipped in there, though. I’m surprised onmode-ky didn’t catch it.

  9. onmode-ky says:

    Ha, I miss that kind of stuff all the time. :( For example, when JeremyR accidentally referred to Ace Armstrong vs. the Alien Scumbags! in one of his posts as “Ace Armstrong vs. the Flying Scumbags!

  10. Shazbots says:

    The reason why the game looks similiar to wipeout is because it was made by ex wipeout designer’s.

  11. mat says:

    I am enjoying it but i preferred trailblazer

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