Life of Pixel Version 1.1 Live


I think most people might know this, but if not, the 1.1 update to Life of Pixel from Super Icon is now live. You just re-download the whole game again, and apparently it also deletes the save game data.

Among the changes are adding machine-appropriate music, reducing slowdown, increasing responsiveness of the double jump (though I never had a problem with that), tweaking levels to reduce the blind leaps somewhat, as well as adding an extra set of levels based on the Sega Master System.

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5 Responses to “Life of Pixel Version 1.1 Live”
  1. onmode-ky says:

    There seems to have been some tweaking besides blind-leap stuff as well. I noted that there was one Atari 2600 level which was made much easier by the removal of two of the enemies, for example.

  2. JeremyR says:

    How do you remember something like that? I have trouble remembering which area code I am in…

  3. Aaron Jean says:

    Because it was horribly difficult and scarred him for life? :P

  4. onmode-ky says:

    Because I played the game for the first time, then updated, then had to replay those levels because the save data was wiped. It was probably less than 30 minutes between play and replay.

  5. Rinkydink says:

    Just finished up the Master System Levels, great fun and some evil little designs in there again. Great work from Super Icon to improve and polish the game up nicely, one of the best retro platformers I’ve played that holds on to the best of the past without compromising challenge or presentation.


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