Voting Begins for Sony’s 2013 Gamers’ Choice Awards


We had a Player’s Choice awards a little while ago, and now Sony is following our lead. The difference is that in their case, the winner of each category goes on sale. And okay, we did steal the idea from them.

No category for PlayStation Mobile titles, but they do have one for Minis. The candidates are Velocity, Wizorb, and Canabalt.

Update: You can now vote on SEN, the Sony web store.

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6 Responses to “Voting Begins for Sony’s 2013 Gamers’ Choice Awards”
  1. Aaron Jean says:

    I think incentivising votes like that won’t make for much honest voting. There are a few glaring omissions as well. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath(Vita) for one.

    No Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims, either? What’s with this?

  2. Huicho says:

    This is a tough one. While I always praise all the work that was put into Velocity, I have to go with Wizorb on this one.

  3. O says:

    Just go ahead and give best Vita game to Gravity Rush now, Sony.

  4. Huicho says:

    It is pretty easy to predit this years.

  5. Aaron Jean says:

    Gravity Rush faltered about halfway through. I wasn’t having fun anymore by the end. It had beautiful environments throughout, but every time it tried to make me do anything other than hurtle through the air, it was pretty boring.

  6. O says:

    I love Kat to death, but Gravity Rush is alright at best. The only reason people have excepted it as any more enjoyable than that is because it is the only unique IP the Vita has. The game’s biggest problem is that it gave you all that freedom, but not a single thing to do with it out side of some challenges.

    It should have been like Spider-Man 2. You could be zipping along and all of a sudden you have to bust up a gang fight, get some kid’s balloon for the umpteenth time, or something. Have it so people’s perception of Kat change for the worse when she blast off and sends a kid and his dog flying into the air. They just said ‘Here is a pretty game, with a pretty protagonist, 2 pretty rivals, and some occasional ugly stuff to kick.”

    Superman is an overpowered boy scout, but even regular folk still break laws is Metropolis. Batman saves lives but he is still a criminal.

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