Still Life Review—You Don’t Get What You Pay For


As most of you have probably guessed from my rantings, I can be a very angry person. VERY angry. So I often look for opportunities to calm down and relax. That often involves games (which just as often add to the anger) and music. Still Life could have been the perfect escape for me, but sadly, it just left me with one single question: why is this not free?

Thomas Hopper has essentially established himself as the face of PlayStation Mobile, having published Meltdown Moon, Super Skull Smash GO! and Radiant Flux on the platform. How well he carries that title is a matter of opinion. But anyone willing to take a chance on a platform which some see as just not worth it deserves kudos.  Still Life, however, probably won’t be getting as many kudos from people.

The game deviates from Hopper’s usual modus operandi, which tends toward throwbacks to old-school shooters and platformers, in favor of a music game—though music application would be a better description. The second you load up Still Life, you know instantly you are about to embark on a journey of minute proportions.

The app features three drawings. Each drawing features a soothing melody. The drawings aren’t just for show, though, as each image in the drawing acts as a note. Tapping the images in combination with the background music creates a soothing and melodic sound. Unfortunately, there are only a few images, meaning only a few notes. So, you will quickly lose interest after a minute or two.

An apple a day...

An apple a day...

Since there are only three drawings, your time spent with the app will likely add up to be less than the cost of the app itself. Which is the app’s biggest problem. Even at only 49 cents, you simply do not get enough to justify buying it. Especially when a game like Fuel Tiracas is the same price and offers more content.

Visually the drawings work for the app’s intended purpose. Very basic, with no colors—which is a good thing. I don’t know about anyone else, but I prefer not to have a bunch of bright and obnoxious colors smacking me in the eyes while I’m trying to relax. Everything is as basic as it needs to be. The app’s three songs are rather relaxing but nothing you will be hitting up iTunes to try to buy. Control-wise, there is just one input method, touchscreen. It works. That’s it. That’s all you can say about it.

Fantaisie, non?

Fantaisie, non?

Still Life is an interesting idea. One that has a fair amount of potential, but it’s not realized. Maybe if you were able to take pictures of your environment and have objects in your world act as the notes. More pictures and music. Anything to make you feel like you got more for that 49 cents you spent. But, if you have the remnants of a purchase left in your wallet and you can’t afford anything else, it may be something you want to fiddle with. But just keep in mind that that’s all you’ll be doing.


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3 Responses to “Still Life Review—You Don’t Get What You Pay For”
  1. JeremyR says:

    Honestly, I think that is the biggest problem with this guy’s games – they just aren’t fully cooked. He makes like 1/3 of a game and publishes it and moves onto another game.

    Then again, I fear we’ve been spoiled by Minis, which were pretty much all professional projects that took several months to make. From reading his site, some of his titles have been apparently done by him in less than a month.

  2. O says:

    When you buy a game you expect to get a full game. Not a rough draft. That’s not spoiled.

  3. Aaron Jean says:

    Another thing to consider is that PSM doesn’t allow for free apps. Unless he wanted to make one drawing free and the other two paid, there’s really no way he could have published this for free.

    Still, though, for something that’s not free, you would expect more than this.

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