Super Icon Releases Life of Pixel 1.1 Screens


The upcoming patch for Super Icon’s Life of Pixel fixes some stuff, but also adds some new features, like a whole new machine, the Sega Master System. The released screens show off the SMS levels.



Check their Facebook page for more.

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13 Responses to “Super Icon Releases Life of Pixel 1.1 Screens”
  1. Shazbots says:

    Nice update, but how do we upgrade a PSM game? Do we have to redownload the game? Im asking because unlike a PsVita game the PSM mobile games dont seeto have that feature on main app of the game, where it tells you a new patch is available, when clicking on the refresh arrows.

  2. JeremyR says:

    That’s a good question. I guess we’ll find out – I suspect we’ll have to just re-download the whole thing, like for Minis that were patched.

  3. O says:

    That’s what I’m talking about. They said they were going to patch the game, and they are delivering in a very timely manner. Good job Super icon.

    Yeah, You’re likely going to have to delete and re-install the game. I wish I had checked to see which version Leg Spots was before I deleted it the first time, because now it’s version 1.01. That doesn’t mean it was patched though. The only PSM game I own that is on version 1.00 is Alien Breed. All the others are at least 1.01 and I have never deleted and re-installed them.

  4. Rockgamer says:

    But since PSM games are like Vita games and don’t have separate save data, how could you delete the game without deleting your save data as well? I’d put my money on an actual patch and not having to delete and then re-download the game.

  5. richicon says:

    I think it is a re-download. We submit a new version to Sony – the entire game.

    Plus it is MUCH larger now with all the music – with each theme having a unique music MP3 track, which averages out at about 3Mb per track.

    So the same as iOS I’d say where you just download the game again.

    Save data better be safe! But I am sure it is otherwise Sony would have a lot of very fed-up people if they lost all their saves when they update a game.

  6. JeremyR says:

    I hope you are right, but Sony can be awfully tone deaf when it comes to their customers.

  7. Rinkydink says:

    love the sonic level throwback textures! Those beautiful brown squares of delight :)

    Does the new update fix the problem with crystals, where I can’t see icons to show levels that I’ve got the secret crystal on in level select mode?

    Looking forward to the music and new levels soon, thanks folks

  8. O says:

    Try keeping the old version installed when you download the new version. Maybe you can load the old data when you load up the new version.

  9. richicon says:

    @ Rinkydink – yep – that is fixed now so you can see on the little level pictures on the level select screens which gems you have.

    I’ve also added a few extra gems here and there to make sure it isn’t too hard to access the SMS levels.

  10. Rinkydink says:

    @richicon – Great stuff! I’ll be able to complete the game at last. Thanks for being generous and commited to supporting the game post launch. It’s what I’ve always liked about smaller games, you often end up having a person to person dialogue about the game and devs often give little nuggets of fun back to the community that supports them. As a small press comic artist I love seeing other spheres of creative entertainment working in a way that I’m familiar with.


  11. richicon says:

    Thanks Rinkydink :)

    I’ve really enjoyed working on Pixel – currently just testing the update now – making sure I can collect all the special gems and unlock the SMS levels. Having the raging flu is slowing me down though…

    Comic artist eh… Makes me think how I’d love a Pixel comic strip :)

  12. Patrick says:

    I even checked it, on PSN still the old version is available.

  13. richicon says:

    We haven’t submitted the update yet – it is in final stages of testing so we plan to submit to Sony QA this coming Monday.

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