Gun Commando Hitting PlayStation Mobile Next Week


Ripstone seems to be the most prolific PlayStation Mobile publisher, and they are back with another title, along with Green Hill Studios. This time, a FPS named “Gun Commando,” due out next week on the 23rd, or probably late on the 22nd for those of us in North America.

As you can see, it’s a very old school, 2D graphics style, reminding me more of Blake Stone than anything else. The game has 20 levels and no announced price.

Gun Commando has players re-living the classic FPS premise – the earth has been invaded by aliens and you’re the only person that stands in their way. Shoot, run and dodge bullets in a frantic and fictional game world that’s packed full of devastating weapons. Your goal is simple: kill every last one of them!
With more than 20 alien strongholds to lay waste to and an ingenious weapon system that requires and rewards accurate play, Gun Commando will have players coming back for more.

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8 Responses to “Gun Commando Hitting PlayStation Mobile Next Week”
  1. Aaron Jean says:

    Looks very 90s FPS. I look forward to playing this. :D

    This had better have some secrets though. You can’t imitate a 90s-era FPS without some secret rooms.

  2. jokatech19 says:

    I agree with Aaron. references and secrets are, at this point in time, an important part of games like these.

  3. Huicho says:

    I want this badly. Just this screenshot is teasing me to death, and I am not even an FPS fan.

  4. Aaron Jean says:

    Well… They used to be an important part of games like these. I wouldn’t say they are important today, but they should be.

  5. JeremyR says:

    It’s kind of sad though that the Vita is the most powerful gaming handheld yet made, and yet perhaps the best FPS for it looks like a Gameboy Advance game.

    I had Wolfenstein and Doom for the GBA, I can’t remember if there were any other FPSes.

  6. Aaron Jean says:

    Ecks Vs. Sever (and the sequel). A laughably awful movie, but a great couple of GBA games.

    I had a blast with the homebrew (PSP) version of Quake on my Vita. I can’t play that anymore, but the remappable controls worked like a dream with the D-Pad for movement and right analog for aiming. Control response was better than any other shooter on the Vita, too.

  7. richicon says:

    That looks ace. I still want to make a proper Doom style game!

  8. O says:

    Hope that happens, Rich.

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