OMG-Zombies Review—Adding “ombies” to the Formula


OMG-Z is one of my favorite Minis of all time. Other than Boom Beats, no Mini gobbled up all of my playtime other than this one, until I got rid of my aged PSP-1000. Definitely a must-buy, even if you are frazzled from the surplus of zombie games across every gaming platform available.

It’s hard to judge this game, because I haven’t played the Minis version since early last year. I did have my PlayStation Vita, but Laughing Jackal didn’t make OMG-Z a Vita-compatible title. Instead, they released the game as OMG-Zombies, certainly dropping the catchiness of the original title. I don’t know the reason why, but it’s definitely a business decision. I can’t complain, as Laughing Jackal certainly deserve success and more moneyz with this groundbreaking game. Upon playing OMG-Zombies, I found it feels like the exact same thing as from the year before. It isn’t entirely a bad thing in itself, though it is disappointing.

I echo JeremyR’s review of Hungry Giraffe (the PlayStation Mobile version; I myself reviewed the Minis version), which is also a Laughing Jackal game. Hungry Giraffe (PSM) is an exact replica of Hungry Giraffe (Mini). There are no new features included for the “update” to Vita in both of these games. You can’t even use the touchscreen or any online features. It would be intriguing to have touchscreen controls; still, the controls are perfect already, so the touchscreen would never stand up to a counterfactual debate years from now about how it could have been better as the control scheme.


I also didn’t notice any improvements in OMG-Zombies’ graphics department, which Laughing Jackal touts as its main difference from the Minis version. For me, it actually looks worse than I remember. OR, my eyes are starting to degrade as I have been evading my first visit to an eye doctor in the past two years.

I am not being lazy; I’m just busy (I have several reviews to write, and there are more waiting!), so I’ll paste the gameplay description of this game from the Minis version review, that I wrote, too. Hey, if you couldn’t be bothered to click on OMG-Z’s review and read it, you deserve the wall of copy-pasted text below!

The core gameplay of OMG-Z revolves around wisely choosing and shooting a zombie. An exploding zombie causes splash damage around him (or her; I am not actually sure, but it seems like the zombies are all male). This triggers a multitude of exploding zombies all over the place. It doesn’t end there; sometimes you have to make use of flaming barrels to cover a much wider radius.

There are also different kinds of zombies. Only the “basic” and the bloated zombie follow the mentioned contagious explosion formula. There are also zombie cops and riflemen. The cops are the most difficult zombies to make a mess with. Killing a cop zombie causes him drop his gun, which then fires a bullet in the direction in which he is facing during his death. A zombie cop’s bullet, though, can pass through undead flesh. The riflemen are my favourites. They are almost the same as the zombie cops, but they fire multiple bullets in random directions which ricochet upon contact. The final type of zombie is the billious model; they melt into acidic pools that severely damage zombies walking through them.

The controls are as follows: X for shooting, D-pad or analog nub for moving your crosshair across the screen. The right shoulder button shows the different zombie types in their assigned colors while the left shoulder button displays the life bars of all the zombies, both of which are very useful in very crowded situations.

Your performance in each level is rated with a Bronze-Silver-Gold ranking. Platinum is the highest honor you can get. It is only awarded to you if you manage to clear out the entire level from zombies. Platinum is difficult to achieve in the early stages, but it gets easy with the upgrades as you progress deep into the game.


OMG-Zombies is still a highly addictive game, as it retains everything from the Minis version. My feelings for this one haven’t changed the second time around fiddling with it. As with the failed one true love, the emotions will never ever fizzle. However, stare hard at them, look at them for exactly what they are. You’ll see, we deserve better.


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5 Responses to “OMG-Zombies Review—Adding “ombies” to the Formula”
  1. AG Awesome says:

    Let me ask this, would you say if you didnt have the PSP version it would be the best version to buy?

  2. Jasper Nikki says:

    The PSM version would be the better version to buy because of the “promise” of being updated in the future, as well as trophy support (a BIG maybe). But really, if you have a Vita, you only have the PSM version, and Minis for the PSP. If you own both of the consoles, the PSM is the *better* version by virtue of a “promise”.

  3. AG Awesome says:

    Hmmm. Well I have the mini so I guess I wont bother but if this promise you mention comes to fruition please expand on it in an update or something so anyone on the fence can see if it is worth it.

  4. What? says:

    This game is entirely playable with the touchscreen and the graphics have much improved. Very lazy and incorrect review!

  5. onmode-ky says:

    To the commenter above me (it’s difficult to address someone whose name is an interrogative pronoun), are you sure you’re not thinking of the recently released, Vita-native OMG HD Zombies!, rather than the PS Mobile game OMG-Zombies that this review is about? OMG HD Zombies! has a lot of improvements and additions, but OMG-Zombies is mostly the same as the OMG-Z Minis original.

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